6.1: Vocabulary - Conversation

bighouse-vb (2K)
talk2-vb (1K)
talk-r (2K)
  • A- Ni' 'u ch nem' 'u lhu theew'thw 'u kw'un'a snet?
Did you go to the Bighouse last night?
  • B- Hee'. Qux kwthu mustimuhw. Ni' shts'unets kwthu slhun'lheni, 'i' huy kwthu suw'wuy'qe' ni' lhxi'lush.
Yes. There were lots of people. The women were seated, but the men were standing.
  • A- Ni' 'u kwu'elh qwal kwthu hwuhwilmuhw?
Did the First Nations people speak?
  • B- Hee'. Sus 'o' qw'uyulush kwthu swaaw'lus.
Yes, and young men danced.