6.2: Vocabulary - People

woman-vb (1K) slheni' woman
man-vb (1K) swuy'qe' man
teenage-girl-vb (3K) q'e'mi' teenage girl
teenage-boy-vb (3K) swiw'lus teenage boy
child2-vb (7K) stl'i'tl'qulh child
baby-vb (5K) qeq baby
them-vb (3K) mustimuhw person, people
old-wb (2K) s'eluhw* elder
1st-nations-vb (2K) si'em'** honoured person, respected one

Note:   Some speakers use stl'i'tl'qulh only when speaking of children who are not their own. For their own, they use mun'u, "son" or "daughter."

*Note:   The Cowichan Tribes write s-eluhw. However, we will spell this word s'eluhw throughout these lessons.

**Note:   Some speakers write siem. However, we will spell this word si'em' throughout these lessons.