6.4: Vocabulary - Plurals

It is useful to know about plurals in Hul'q'umi'num' but you will usually be understood if you use the basic (singular) forms. There are many different ways of forming plurals in Hul'q'umi'num'. One of the most common ways is by adding an infix -l-. (An infix goes into the middle of a word.)

teenage-girl-vb (3K) q'e'mi' teenage girl teenage-girls-vb (3K) q'e'lum'i' teenage girls
coat-vb (2K) kupou coat coats-vb (7K) kulupou coats
bone-vb (2K) stth'am' bone bones-vb (3K) stth'alum' bones
white-person-vb (2K) hwunitum' white person white-people-vb (2K) hwulunitum' white people
door (4K) shelh door, road doors-vb (4K) she'ullh doors, roads
sailboat-vb (2K) patun sail, rag sails-vb (6K) pa'ultun or pa'lutun sails, rags
boat-vb (2K) pout boat boats-vb (6K) pou'ult or pou'lut boats
wolf-vb (2K) stqeeye' wolf wolves-vb (6K) stulqeeye' wolves
table-vb (1K) lutem table tables-vb (3K) lulutem tables

The sound [i] usually goes to [e] in this pattern.

basket-vb (6K) situn basket baskets-vb (3K) se'ultun baskets