7.2: Vocabulary - Kinship Terms

uncleaunt-vb (4K) shhwum'nikw aunt, uncle, parent's cousin auntsuncles-vb (5K) shhwum'ne'lukw aunts, uncles, parent's cousins
stiwun-vb (5K) stiwun niece or nephew, cousin's child stutiwun-vb (5K) stutiwun nieces and / or nephews, cousin's children
g-grandchild-vb (5K) sts'a'muqw great-grandparent / great-grandchild g-grandchildren-vb (6K) sts'a'lum'uqw great-grandparents / great-grandchildren
g-g-grandchild-vb (5K) 'ukwiya'qw great-great-grandparent / great-great-grandchild g-g-grandchildren-vb (6K) 'ukw-'ikwiya'qw
(Also spelled 'ukw-ikwiya'qw.)
great-great-grandparents / great-great-grandchildren
tth'up'i'a'qw great-great-great-grandparent / great-great-great-grandchild tth'utth'ip'i'a'qw great-great-great-grandparents / great-great-great-grandchildren

Once you get beyond the first two generations up and down (parents, grandparents, children, and grandchildren), Hul'q'umi'num' kinship terms become reciprocal, working both ways. So sts'a'muqw not only means great-grandparent, but also great-grandchild.