7.9: Vocabulary - Places

Hwkw'a'luhwum Qualicum Shts'um'inus* Chemainus Bay
(Kulleet Bay)
Hwmuthkwi'um Musqueam Snuneymuhw* Nanaimo
Kwa'mutsun Quamichan Snuw'nuw'us Nanoose
Lhumlhumuluts' Clemclemaluts Sqwxwa'mush Squamish
Mutouliye' Victoria Stth'e'o't-hw Tsawout
(East Saanich)
Pune'luxutth'* Kuper Island tawun town
Quli'lum'* Rogers Lake
(Dougan's Lake)
Thiq' Theik
Quw'utsun Cowichan Thuq'min Shellbeach
Qw'umi'yiqun* Komiakin Tl'ulpalus Kilpahlis
(Cowichan Bay)
S'amuna'** Somena Xinupsum Khenipsen
(Green Point)
shhwimelu store Xwulqw'selu Koksilah

*Note:   The words marked with an asterisk above can also be pronounced Shts'uminus, Snunuymuhw, Pun'e'luxutth', Qul'i'lum' and Qw'umiyiqun', respectively. However, we will spell them as in the table above in these lessons.

**Note:   The Cowichan Tribes write S-amuna'. However, we will spell this word S'amuna' throughout these lessons.