8.1: Vocabulary - Descriptions

Learn the following descriptive words, or adjectives.

slow-vb (2K) 'ayum slow fast-vb (2K) xwum fast
small-vb (1K) 'uhwin' small big-vb (2K) thi big
near-vb (1K) stutes near far-vb (1K) tsakw far
good-vb (4K) 'uy' good bad-vb (4K) qul bad
beautiful-vb (3K) 'uy'uy'mut beautiful 20-vb (4K) qux many, lots
long-vb (1K) tl'eqt long short2-vb (1K) tl'utl'iits' short
sick-ill-vb (4K) q'aq'i' sick, ill arm-vb (2K) kw'am'kw'um' strong
correct-vb (2K) sthuthi' correct, right, all right incorrect-vb (2K) s'ey'q* wrong
old-vb (3K) s'eluhw* old new-vb (3K) xew's new
oldclothes-vb (3K) snuq'i old (clothing)      

Kw'am'kw'um's tthun' shqwaluwun!

Have a strong mind!

*Note:   The Cowichan Tribes write s-ey'q and s-eluhw. However, we spell these words as in the table above throughout these lessons.