Adjectives & Nouns

Adjectives, like articles, must agree with the gender and number of the nouns they modify. Regarding placement, all adjectives (singular and plural forms) that are descriptive (identifying) such as color, size and personality, follow the noun. All adjectives that are quantitative (numbers, etc.) precede the noun.




la        pluma      roja

muchas      sillas

article   noun    adjective

adjective    noun

Most adjectives end in -o and simply change to end in -a if paired with a feminine noun.

el chico guapo

la chica guapa

Adjectives that end in -e or a consonant do not change with the gender of the noun.

el chico inteligente

la chica inteligente

To make adjetives plural, follow the same rules as with nouns. Add -s to adjectives that end in vowels; add -es to adjectives that end in consonants.

el chico guapo
los chicos guapos

la clase facil
las clases fáciles

An adjective that modifies two or more nouns becomes plural even though the nouns remain singular.

la tiza roja y la pizarra roja

la tiza y la pizarra rojas