Welcome to the Faculty of Humanities


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Do you ponder the meaning of life? Do you love literature? Do you wonder about the development of ideas over time and around the world? Do you want to study languages to expand your perspective and contribute to the global community you live in? Do you care about how history can help shape the future? Then you need to study the Humanities!

The Humanities have always been the foundation of a university. Our courses are the place to study and expand expressions of the human spirit. Languages, narratives, philosophies, histories — we bring these all together in a critical context of analysis, interpretation, research, and communication. Humanities students ask — and answer! — questions about the place and value of the individual in the human community, the function of tradition in times of intense transformation, and how best to give guidance to humanity as it moves into an ever uncertain future.

What’s more, Humanities degrees offer students a range of valuable professional skills — not just critical thinking, analytical skills, research methods, writing and other communication skills but also a rich understanding of cultural and global contexts that will prepare you for life and work in the twenty-first century. Did you know we offer both BA and BSc degrees? It's true — and the Faculty of Humanities contributes to UVic's status as a world leader in the preservation and revitalisation of indigenous languages.

Come join us in the Faculty of Humanities, for an education that matters to you — change your life, change yourself, change your world!