Research Project Sites

Details on Selected Projects

Some of the research projects being undertaken by members of the Faculty of Humanities are displayed at For information on other projects, see the appropriate departmental site.

Portraits of Humanities Researchers and Projects

The following is a list of press items on some of the research projects in the faculty of Humanities:


Michael Best: Internet Shakespeare Editions (pdf);English Profs Publish Academic Writing Guide

Kim Blank: English Profs Publish Academic Writing Guide

Misao Dean: Exhibiting Histories

Elizabeth Grove-White: The Shamrock and the Maple Leaf

Ray Siemens: Reading the Future: The Digital Age is About to Take Book-Reading to a Whole New DimensionDigital Lit: An English Prof Blends Humanities with State-of-the-Art TechnologyShakespeare Across the Ether: Transmitting Digital Literature to Researchers Anytime, Anywhere


Claire Carlin: Le mariage sous l'Ancien Régime

Catherine Caws: FLORE,  French Learning Object Repository for EducationFrancoToile, Gateway to Francophone Culture

Emile Fromet de Rosnay: Dynamic Reading Viewer of Mallarmé's Coup de Dés

Germanic & Russian Studies

Michael Hadley (retired): Justice that Heals (pdf)

Greek & Roman Studies

John Oleson: Archaeology Meets Agriculture in the Desert (pdf)


Brian Dippie: "Draw, Pardner" - Art in the Wild West

John Lutz: Uncovering Victoria's Secrets; Local History Made User-Friendly; Site Adds Doukhobor MysteryLocal History Treasure Trove Added to WebsiteStudent Slueths Have More "Cold Cases" to Solve

Reginald Roy (Prof. Emeritus): Lieutenant Governor Launches Veterans Oral History Project

Eric Sager: Tracking the Elusive 'Traditional Family' (pdf)

David Zimmerman: The Rescue of Scholars from Nazi Germany


Barry Carlson: Lacandon Cultural Heritage Project

Ewa Czaykowska-Higgins: Helping Preserve the 'Soul' of a Culture (pdf); $900,000 Program to Revitalize Island Aboriginal Languages

Leslie Saxon: Gems of Language


Conrad BrunkUvic Ethicist Backs Claim that GM Corn Threatens Mexican Farming Culture

Women's Studies

Christine Welsh: Story of the Coast Salish Knitters (pdf)