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The Faculty of Human and Social Development offers a full time program leading to the degree of Master of Arts in Indigenous Governance (MAIG). This program is normally completed in 18-24 months, though it is possible to complete in one calendar year (3 terms).

Candidates will have a baccalaureate degree from a recognized university, or equivalent qualifications with an academic standing acceptable to the Indigenous Governance Program and the Faculty of Graduate Studies

Admission generally requires at minimum a very high second class standing (B+) in the two final years of the undergraduate degree. In exceptional cases the Program, with the agreement of the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies, may waive this requirement on the presentation of other evidence, such as substantial professional experience, which indicates that the candidate will complete the Program successfully.

The MAIG Program is open to Indigenous and non-Indigenous students from a broad range of disciplines and the Program anticipates applicants with widely varied undergraduate backgrounds. Although there is no formal requirement with respect to the specific nature of undergraduate courses, makeup course work may be required where the lack of adequate background preparation is judged to limit the student.

Admission Procedures

All applicants must complete and submit the following:

"Application for Admission" Faculty of Graduate Studies
The process begins when you complete the online application form. Please note that if the application is incomplete it will be returned to you. This will delay your application. All applicants should Apply Online and must be prepared to pay the appropriate application fee. Applicants will be required to provide a MasterCard or VISA number with the expiry date.

Two Graduate Assessment Reports
You must obtain reports from two professors or other academic authorities who are familiar with your work. On your online application, you will be asked to provide the names and professional email addresses of your referees. Once the application has been submitted, referees will receive notification by email with a link that will allow them to populate the assessment online and submit it electronically directly from the website.

Application fee
$100 CAD if all post-secondary transcripts come from institutions within Canada and
$125 CAD if any post-secondary transcripts come from institutions outside of Canada.
Payment must be made in Canadian funds drawn on a Canadian Bank, or US funds drawn on a US bank. DO NOT SUBMIT CASH! You may also provide credit card information if you wish the fee charged to your Visa or Mastercard account, however credit card information cannot be accepted by mail.

This fee is non-refundable and will not be counted towards tuition fees. Applications will not be processed until the Application Fee is received. This requirement cannot be waived or deferred. These fees are current as of 2010 - they are subject to change without notice.

Academic Transcript
A copy of your academic transcript must be sent from ALL post-secondary institutions you have attended. The university requires a complete academic history. Official transcripts are those which are received in envelopes that have been sealed and enclosed by the issuing institution. Failure to submit all transcripts could delay your application.

You are welcome to submit unofficial transcripts with your application package - this will begin the process. However, no final decisions can be made until official transcripts are received DIRECTLY FROM THE INSTITUTION.

Professional Resume
An updated resume that outlines relevant work history, volunteer activities, education, indigenous community experience, etc.

Statement of research interest (500 word max)
Identify and expand upon a key question or concern that you would dedicate yourself to in the MAIG program. You may state your goals with respect to your education and how you would like to build on your practical experience in Native communities. This statement will help guide the academic and practical work in your program.

Personal data form
Students presently completing an undergraduate degree in preparation for entry into the MAIG Program, or otherwise taking upper level undergraduate courses to strengthen their application are urged to focus on courses in political science, philosophy and history. Students are also encouraged to concentrate on developing their research skills, increasing their overall knowledge of Indigenous peoples and gaining experience working with Indigenous organizations.

    Please note the following application deadline for September admission:
    January 15
    : All documents are due on or before this date (application, transcripts, assessment reports, application fee, professional resume, statement of research interest, personal data form). Those who meet the minimum GPA requirement will be considered for Fellowships.
    All documents should be submitted as one package electronically to

    Applications and documentation received after the deadline may be accepted by Graduate Admissions, but there is no guarantee that the application will be processed and evaluated in time for a decision for the desired entry point. Applicants who submit application forms or documentation after the deadlines do so at their own risk. A late application fee of $35 is required. Application Fees will not be refunded.

Submit completed application package electronically to

Mailing Address:
Graduate Admissions and Records
PO Box 3025
Victoria, BC, Canada
V8W 3P2
Phone: (250) 472-4657
Fax: (250) 721-6225


Our Programs

Master of Arts in Indigenous Governance (MAIG)

The Master of Arts in Indigenous Governance (MAIG) is an interdisciplinary program focused on traditional structures and ways of governance and encompassing the values, perspectives, concepts, and principles of Indigenous political cultures. Through teaching and research that respects both western and Indigenous traditions, methods, and forms of knowledge, students are provided with a strong foundation of basic and applied scholarly research with an emphasis on the nature and context of Indigenous governance and Indigenous-State relations in Canada and internationally.

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PhD Degree by Special Arrangement

The Faculty of Graduate Studies along with the Indigenous Governance Program (IGOV) offers the selected opportunities for students to pursue a PhD degree by Special Arrangement. The Special Arrangement degree program is available for Indigenous Governance students, as the program does not currently offer a regular Ph.D. degree program. For more information about this program.

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IGOV is a part of the Faculty of Human and Social Development (HSD).

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