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The fees for graduate students are very different than those assessed for undergraduate study. The following information is provided to assist you in planning your finances for your graduate program. Students should read the section on fees in the University of Victoria calendar.

All fees quoted below are subject to change.

Tuition fees for graduate programs are program fees. Program fees consist of regular program fee installments and graduate re-registration fees. Students are charged a fee for every term they are registered in a degree program. Students in the MAIG degree program have a minimum of 3.0 fee installments. Up to 3.0 additional regular fee installments will be assessed if a student remains registered after having paid 3.0 fee installments (for a total of 6.0 installments).

Graduate tuition per term – full time study (up to 6.0 installments):
Domestic Students: $1751.08
International Students: $2083.62

Fees are assessed three times per year, usually in September, January and May.

Students who have paid 6.0 full fee installments but have not completed their program requirements will be changed Reregistration fees.

Graduate Reregistration Fees (After 6.0 installments UNTIL maximum completion limit):
Domestic Students: $695.48
International Students: $829.64

Thereafter (after maximum 5 year completion limit):
$1751.08 Domestic
$2083.62 International

Ancillary Student Fees: All students are required to pay universal fees in addition to tuition as a part of being a student at UVic and the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Graduate Student Society $56.76 per term

Athletics and Recreation $79 per term

Universal Bus Pass $81 per term

Extended Healthcare Plan $328 per year

Dental Plan $214 per year


Payment of Fees

Fees are assessed by the Faculty of Graduate Studies and paid to Accounting Services. Fee statements are not mailed to students but may be picked up at Accounting Services at the end of the first month of each term. For more information on fees, please see:


Our Programs

Master of Arts in Indigenous Governance (MAIG)

The Master of Arts in Indigenous Governance (MAIG) is an interdisciplinary program focused on traditional structures and ways of governance and encompassing the values, perspectives, concepts, and principles of Indigenous political cultures. Through teaching and research that respects both western and Indigenous traditions, methods, and forms of knowledge, students are provided with a strong foundation of basic and applied scholarly research with an emphasis on the nature and context of Indigenous governance and Indigenous-State relations in Canada and internationally.

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PhD Degree by Special Arrangement

The Faculty of Graduate Studies along with the Indigenous Governance Program (IGOV) offers the selected opportunities for students to pursue a PhD degree by Special Arrangement. The Special Arrangement degree program is available for Indigenous Governance students, as the program does not currently offer a regular Ph.D. degree program. For more information about this program.

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IGOV is a part of the Faculty of Human and Social Development (HSD).

For more information on the faculty, see:

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