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Indigenous Governance has three core faculty members with knowledge in Indigenous governance and history, political mobilization, global Indigenous rights, knowledge recovery, and Indigenous women and resistance. To further support the range of student research interests, we have faculty-associates 15 Associate faculty members from a variety of disciplines including English, Indigenous Studies, Law, Social Work, Political Science, Philosophy, and Environmental Studies. TheProgram Manager and Program Assistant are members of the IGOV Management Committee along with core faculty. They provide support to faculty and students and take care of the day to day functioning of IGOV. With backgrounds in community development and Indigenous governance, program staff play an active role in IGOV community projects.

Our Programs

Master of Arts in Indigenous Governance (MAIG)

The Master of Arts in Indigenous Governance (MAIG) is an interdisciplinary program focused on traditional structures and ways of governance and encompassing the values, perspectives, concepts, and principles of Indigenous political cultures. Through teaching and research that respects both western and Indigenous traditions, methods, and forms of knowledge, students are provided with a strong foundation of basic and applied scholarly research with an emphasis on the nature and context of Indigenous governance and Indigenous-State relations in Canada and internationally.

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PhD Degree by Special Arrangement

The Faculty of Graduate Studies along with the Indigenous Governance Program (IGOV) offers the selected opportunities for students to pursue a PhD degree by Special Arrangement. The Special Arrangement degree program is available for Indigenous Governance students, as the program does not currently offer a regular Ph.D. degree program. For more information about this program.

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IGOV is a part of the Faculty of Human and Social Development (HSD).

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