Kanji Gold is a free flexible MS Windows(TM) flash card program for learning Japanese Kanji.

Belorussian translation and French translation by Anna Chekovsky.

 1.1 Kanji Gold Features.
 1.2 Download the program.
 1.3 About this free software.
 1.4 Who wrote Kanji Gold?

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1.1 Kanji Gold Features ( Version 2.10 June 14, 2004).

Version 2.10 (revision history) The revised program contains several improvements and a bug fix. With a Japanese word processor like JWPCE you can easily customize your kanji and vocabulary studies to match any text you are currently using. The program is suitable for all levels of Japanese study.


1.2 Download program.

Option 1: Version 2.10 W95 and up :

The program comes in one complete file kgold210.exe (2.0MB 10 minutes at 56K). This file is a self-executing install file that will place the program and its supporting files on your hard disk.

  • Uninstall the old version from your computer.
  • Do not remove the files that the old install program does not remove ( these will be your review files called review.eng etc.)
  • When you install the program in the same directory the new version will use the review files that you generated from the old version.
  • Download the install file and run it with the Window's Run command.
  • Option 2: Version 2.10 in Zip format

    For those of you who have trouble downloading a big file, here are three Zip files instead. They do not include an install file and so you will have to unzip them into a single directory of your choice and create an icon on your desktop to the kgold.exe file.
    kgold1.zip (0.58 MB) contains the program and data files.
    kgold2.zip (0.87 MB) contains the graded dictionary files.
    kgold3.zip (0.74 MB) contains the large font file.

    Option 3: Version Beta 8 W3.1 1999:

    This is the old 16 bit version of the program for Windows 3.1 and there will be no further development of this version. It does not contain all the features of Option 1. The program comes in one complete kgolda8.exe (3.3MB 17 minutes at 56K) self-executing install file.

    1.3 About this free software.

    This is a free software program. You can copy it to as many computers as you like and can give away the complete program. The program is Copyright © 1997-2004 by Denton Hewgill. You cannot sell the program and the source file is not supplied. Because this program is free software, it is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. The data files used in the program are covered by the GNU software licensing system and also have other restrictions. You can read the GNU General Public License at the GNU homepage .

    1.4 Who wrote Kanji Gold?

    The Kanji Gold computer program was written by Dr. Denton Hewgill, a mathematics professor by trade, who has an interest in the Japanese martial arts, Kendo and Iaido.

    The kanji data bases used in Kanji Gold came from the Japanese word processor JWP written by Stephen Chung. His package contains files from Jim Breen [j.breen@dgs.monash.edu.au http://www.dgs.m onash.edu.au/~jwb/] and other sources. JWPce is also available from that website. The help section of the Kanji Gold program gives complete details on the sources of the databases. Note that the files contain more restrictions than in the GNU license.

    This document last revised Apr 1, 2018.

    Kanji Gold is Copyright © 1997-2004 by Denton Hewgill
    Email: hewgilld@unix.uvic.ca