Beginning Indonesian
Introduction and Explanation
The purpose of this site is to give elementary students of Indonesian the opportunity to practise and review basic vocabulary, grammar and sentence structures as they work through their course and prepare for the examination. Each unit contains a range of exercises of various types, including:
  • Multiple-choice quizzes
  • Gap-fill exercises
  • Matching exercises
  • Short-answer questions
  • Word-ordering exercises
  • Sentence-ordering exercises
  • Crosswords
All the exercises are interactive, so you can check your answers and get hints and feedback as you work.

When you first go into the site, you may be a little alarmed to discover that the whole site is in Indonesian -- the instructions, exercises, feedback, button captions and everything else is entirely in the target language. This is not as much of a problem as you may think -- after all, a multiple-choice exercise is a multiple-choice exercise in any language -- but there is a glossary you can access from every page, and we have also provided a basic word list which you can print out, containing all the basic instructions to help you as you work. You can also try out the Introductory Unit, where the interface is in English, to get used to the types of exercise and instructions you will find on the site. In addition, there is an interactive online dictionary you can use, by clicking on the picture below, which you'll find on the index pages of all the units (with a smaller book icon available on every single page):
Try out the glossary.
However, we hope that you will soon get the hang of the basic vocabulary used on the site, and begin to enjoy being in an entirely Indonesian environment.