Beginning Indonesian

Links to Other Sites
This is a short collection of useful links about Indonesia and Bahasa Indonesia.

  • Indonesian Basic Vocabulary Test, a large multiple-choice test based on all the glossary words on our site, created by Charles Kelly.

  • The Indonesian Home Page, a huge page containing links to political parties, information about reformasi, Indonesian life style, Bahasa Indonesia courses, and much more.

  • Bahasa Indonesia, a page all about the language, courses and programs of study, and dictionaries (from the same site as the link above).

  • SEASite Indonesia Home Page, an excellent resource from Northern Illinois University, containing language exercises, reading texts, sound files, and lots of great pictures.

  • Michael Bordt's Indonesian pages, including a downloadable Indonesian spell-checking dictionary for MSWord, a short Indonesian language course, dictionaries and more.

  • Meet Indonesian People, a directory of 1500 personal Indonesian home pages.

  • Tempo Online Magazine, the first Indonesian news magazine to go online. Available in both English and Indonesian.

  • Kompas Online Newspaper, the online edition of Indonesia's Kompas national newspaper. Available in Dutch, English and Indonesian.

  • Destination Indonesia, the Lonely Planet travel guide to Indonesia.

  • KEBI Indonesian Online Dictionary, an online Indonesian-English dictionary.

  • Look at Indonesia, Waruno Mahdi's homepage -- a HUGE collection of links of all kinds about Indonesia.

  • Kambing, a publisher of Indonesian Language resources for teachers and students.