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I graduated with an MA degree in Linguistics from UVic in 2000. My thesis topic was The Rhetorical Structure of a Lushootseed (Salish) Narrative. Now, I am documenting Lacandon, a Mayan language spoken in Chiapas, Mexico, with grants from the Endangered Language Fund, Foundation for Endangered Languages, California Indian Language Center, and The Volkswagen Foundation. My other activities include documentary film making: I began filming the Lacandones in 1989, I produced and co-directed “Solitary Journey” in 1989, and I produced and directed “The Healing Ceremony” in 1997.


In preparation, “The Forest of the Lacandon Maya: an ethnobotanical guide to the flora of the lowlands of Chiapas, Mexico.” Springer

"Xult’an ‘The end of the world’: Oral literature from the northern Lacandon, Maya." Under consideration by Nebraska University Press.