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Dave McKercher has a B.Sc. in Biochemistry (University of Calgary, 1985), a B.Ed. in General Curriculum (UVic, 1987), an M.A. in Linguistics (UVic, 1996), and a Ph.D. in Linguistics (Stanford University, 2001). Before starting his graduate work in Linguistics, Dave worked as Laboratory Instructor in the Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology at UVic, teaching a third-year laboratory techniques course. His primary research interests are in semantics, pragmatics, psycholinguistics, and first language acquisition. Dave's dissertation was on children's acquisition of the English preposition 'with' and how children deal with its multiple uses (You can eat pizza with a fork, with a friend, with enthusiasm, and with the lights out). Dave has been a Sessional Lecturer at Simon Fraser University and an Assistant Professor (Limited Term) at University of Toronto. He is now a Continuing Sessional Instructor here at UVic.

Selected Recent Works - click to view/hide

[2012] Using Judgment Tasks to Study Language Knowledge. In Erika Hoff (ed.) Research Methods in Child Language: A Practical Guide. Blackwell Publishing. (with Vikram K. Jaswal)

[2009] The Polysemy of 'with' in First Language Acquisition. VDM Verlag Dr. Mueller.

[2008] Limitations on Reliability: Regularity Rules in the English Plural and Past Tense. (with Vikram K. Jaswal and Mieke VanderBorght), Child Development, 79(3):750-760.

[2003] Possessive 'with' and Locative 'with' in Event Semantics. In Proceedings of the thirty-first Western Conference on Linguistics (WECOL 2002), volume 14, edited by Brian Agbayani, Paivi Koskinen, and Vida Samiian, pp. 173-179.

[2002] Subject-Oriented 'with'-phrases in Event Semantics. In The Construction of Meaning, edited by David Beaver, Stefan Kaufmann, Brady Clark and Luis Casillas, Stanford, CA: CSLI Publications, pp. 137-162.

[2001] Direct Quotation and Switch-Reference in Zuni. In Santa Barbara Papers in Linguistics, volume 10: Proceedings from the third Workshop on American Indigenous Languages, pp. 65-79.

[2000] With Yookyung Kim. What Does 'ssik' in Korean Really Mean? In Japanese/Korean Linguistics, volume 9, edited by Mineharu Nakayama and Charles J. Quinn Jr., Stanford, CA: CSLI Publications, pp. 239-252.

[1996] Where's the Embedded Agent in French 'Faire'-Infinitive Constructions? In Working Papers of the Linguistics Circle of the University of Victoria, volume 13, edited by Violet Bianco, Paul Hopkins, Dave McKercher, Maggie Warbey, and Marie Louise Willett, pp. 89-94.