2014 Far Horizons Award for Poetry:
The Finalists

We are pleased to announce the finalists for our 2014 Far Horizons Award for Poetry! The winner will be posted next week online (July 15).

Simon Peter Eggertsen, "Arc Welding in Kandahar"
Janet Joyner, "2 Yellow Leaves"
Brittany Kraus, "Landscapes"
Jaime Denike, "But He is Not Dead"
Emily Skov-Nielsen, "Waking"
Raf Newman, "A Mount Royal Menelaus"
Kilby Smith-McGregor, "Amputation, Shotgun" and "Wake Up Remembering Oranges"
Nathalie Sorensen, "Sufis in the Siege of Sarajevo"
Alexa Eldred, "'Child with a Dove 1901' by Pablo Picasso"
Elise Marcella Godfrey, "Madame Curie"
Kat Cameron, "Ariadne on Naxos"
Marion Quednau, "Train Wrecks, Rare Fossils"
Annick MacAskill, "Swimming Upwards / (After Novica Tadic)"
Laura Ritland, "Vincent in the dream of Zundert"
Nat Marshik, "When the bough"
Rhonda Ganz, "Sitting in a day car, reading Ulysses"
Elee Kraljii Gardiner, "Concepcion, Chile"
Mollie Coles Tonn, "Same Moon" and "Forest Bathing"
Sneha Madhavan-Reese, "Fable" and "In the Warsaw Ghetto"
Jennifer Zilm, "Postcard: a desert sestina"
Eric Berlin, "All the Time in the World"
Royston Tester, "Roger Casement's Sock"

Thank you to all who entered the contest for your support!