No. 182 Spring 2013

Publication Date: April 19, 2013


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2013 Open Season Awards

  • Lisa Martin-DeMoor, "Believing is not the same as Being Saved" (poetry)
    Carmelinda Scian, "The Butterfly First" (fiction)
    Susan Buis, "The Falling House" (creative nonfiction)
  • Stephanie Bolster, "Muguet" and "Witch Hazel"
  • Lorna Crozier, "The Afterlife," "Quirks," "Blackberry Pickers," "Book of Small Mistakes," "Like a Body Falling," and "Moose Nose"
  • Read "A Longing for our Life on Earth: John Barton in Conversation with Lorna Crozier" here.
  • Read "Blackberry Pickers" in full here.
  • Rocco de Giacomo, "The Visible World"
  • Don Domanski, "Unborn" and "A Feral Trance"
  • Allison LaSorda, "Ricochet" and "Bonnechere Caves"
  • Jeff Latosik, "The Shortcut," "Meter," "Iron," and "Foley Artistry"
  • Joanna Lilley, "The Bather"
  • David Pimm, "Wishing It Otherwise"
  • Peter Sanger, "Fireships"
  • Brittney Scott, "a message from Humboldt county" and "Low Pressure Systems"
  • Maureen Scott Harris, "Joe Fafard's Cows: 'The Pasture'" and "Joe Fafard's Cows: 'Elinore, Valadon, Potter'"
  • Kenneth Sherman, "Jogging with the Great Ray Charles"
  • Priscila Uppal, "The Happy Genius of Our Household"
  • Gillian Wigmore, "if you ever falter and stop loving"
  • David Zieroth, "Albrecht Dürer and me" and "sun-filled photo"
  • Adrick Brock, "Nina in the Body of a Clown"
  • Cody Klippenstein, "Dainty, Pretty Things"
  • Read "Walk the Line of Sense and Comfort: PJ Grace in Conversation with Cody Klippenstein" here.
  • Read "Dainty, Pretty Things" in full here.
Creative Nonfiction
  • Kirsteen MacLeod, "The Animal Game"
  • Anna Maxymiw, "The Shipping Platform"
  • Read "Backdrop for the Experience: Molly McFaul in Conversation with Anna Maxymiw" here.
  • Read "The Shipping Platform" in full here.
  • Jessy Pesce
  • A cow in Joe Fafard's The Pasture, Toronto-Dominion Centre
  • Photograph of the sculpture
  • February 2013
  • Collection of the artist


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