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Vol. 11, No. 8, August 2014 | SUMMER ISSUE EDITION

Issue 187, Summer 2014


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Our Back Pages Featured Issue: #27, July 1973

Issue 27

Issue #27 offers up a sumptuous sampling of international fare starting with its mesmerizing cover image titled “Revolver II” by the late Australian poet Alan Riddell.  This high-impact example of visual concrete poetry seems to suggest that the content of the issue might in some way revolve around the notions of love and war in all of their temptations, manifestations and translations.

Read more about Issue #27.

Learn more about the Malahat's Our Back Pages project.




Congratulations to the 2014 Far Horizons Poetry Award Winner: Laura Ritland!

The Malahat Review congratulates Laura Ritland on winning this year's Far Horizons Poetry contest! Her poem, "Vincent, in the Dream of Zundert," was chosen from almost 800 entries by contest judge Julie Bruck.

Laura Ritland

Poetry board member Jay Ruzesky will be interviewing Laura for September's Malahat lite, so stay tuned!

See the Far Horizons Poetry Award announcement page for Laura's win.


Interview with Jan Zwicky, Summer Issue Contributor

Jan ZwickyMalahat editor John Barton, to mark the publication of seven new poems by Jan Zwicky in the magazine’s Summer 2014 issue, asks her a few general questions about what—the processes?, the perspectives?—animates her writing.

JB: What role does silence take in your work, both practically (freedom from distraction) and aesthetically (discursiveness versus restraint)? Is making space for or a voicing of silence (if that is in any way possible) somehow connected to a focusing away from the self and toward the world?

JZ: Silence is the aural counterpart of space. Becoming aware of it is one way of becoming aware of the outlines of aural gestures that occur within it. I hope my work is full of silence. It’s one of the things I’m trying to point to.

Read the rest of Jan Zwicky's interview on the Malahat website.


WordsThaw 2015 is Coming

Yvonne Blomer at WordsThaw 2014The Malahat Review's third annual writing symposium is in the works! We're gearing up for another full spring weekend of literary readings, panel discussions, workshops with local writers, and more.

Save the date: WordsThaw 2015 will take place March 19-22 at the University of Victoria.

All updates will be posted to our WordsThaw event page. Bookmark it here, and stay tuned.

Take a look at last year's WordsThaw website.


Call for Website Writers

We're on the lookout for writers based in Victoria, BC (or surrounding areas) interested in writing issue reviews for Our Back Pages. Desired qualifications include a knack for brief/succinct writing, a zest for background research, and a love of Canadian literature.

Check out a couple back issue write-ups (like our featured issue to the left) to see what it's all about. We offer your name in lights in lieu of payment at this time.

Send us an email and tell us why you'd like to write for The Malahat Review!

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