Medieval Studies @ UVic LogoIn popular culture the word "medieval" conjures up images of dirt, disease, darkness, and death, or of castles, cathedrals, crusaders, and romance. Both pictures have a basis in historical reality, but there is more to the Middle Ages than its idealizations, good, bad, or comic (e.g., by Monty Python). Its one-thousand-year span of eventful international history saw the Christianization of Europe, the astonishing rise and spread of Islam, the rise and fall of Byzantium, the invention of the University, the Inquisition, and Parliament, technological, scientific, and intellectual advances, and masterpieces of world art, architecture and literature (Dante's Divine Comedy, Chaucer's Canterbury Tales).

This program therefore requires interdisciplinary study of the exciting, creative "middle time" between classical Antiquity and the European Renaissance. Courses and faculty from several departments are involved in the Program. The core courses are supplemented by a broad selection of medieval courses offered by other departments. The aim is to train students in the principles, methods, and problems of Medieval Studies and to introduce them to the written, visual, and material sources required for a thoughtful, critical study of the medieval world. A degree in Medieval Studies provides a good base for any career in which critical thinking and awareness of cultural heritage are necessary, and is excellent preparation for professional studies in education, law, theology, or museology and, of course, for graduate study in the medieval field.

Medieval Studies offers Honours, Major, General and Minor programs leading to the degree of Bachelor of Arts. Students may also undertake the Major in Medieval Studies together with a Major Program in another department, or with a Major in another Faculty. _By completing the requirements for the General Program together with a Major or Honours Program in another Department or Faculty, students may obtain a Minor. Students interested in pursuing a program in Medieval Studies should consult with the program Director.

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