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What does the name "Lalonde" mean?

Our official family cyber-historian Eric Lalonde says:
Lalonde is a parish of the lower Seine of the Rouen arrondissement. "Londe" means forest, thus "de la Londe" means "of the forest." There is a Lalonde forest in France and, in fact, the Canadian Army regiments of Maisonneuve and Mont-Royal took part in a battle there as part of the liberation of France in late August and early September 1944. This area is not far from the town Rouen where Jean comes from.

Why Lalonde and LaLonde?

Eric explains:
"The spelling of the Lalonde name has been with only one capital L here in Quebec. It appears that the second capital L has been added in the US. I have only heard of Lalondes with two capital L's from the US. I guess if we searched the records in Michigan where the Lalondes first went to the US we might find where the change happened. It probably was some recording clerk who changed the spelling on a birth certificate and it continued from there."

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