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VizCogLab Autism Project

In conjunction with the Yale Child Study Center, the VizCogLab Autism group is currently developing a multimedia, computer-based intervention that is designed to teach face processing skills to children with autism. The Let's Face It! program guides the user through a series of engaging, interactive game modules in face and emotion recognition. For example, in the FaceMaker module shown below, the child constructs a target face from an array of facial features. The goal of the module is to promote featural and global strategies that are important for successful face recognition. In the Let's Face It ! program, each module targets some aspect of face processing, such as the recognition of facial emotions, interpretation of eye gaze and eye contact and the recognition of people across changes in facial expression. The program automatically logs the child's performance and can be adapted to meet the skill level of the individual. We are currently conducting clinical trials to test the effectiveness of the intervention. Once the benefits of the program can be scientifically validated, our goal is to make the program available to children, parents and practitioners. Program and research updates will be periodically posted on this web page.

To learn more about  Let's Face It! and to try a demo game from the program, follow this link




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