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Nina and Leah holding the UVRA banner outside of our new location in R Hut


Important note (updated 20-March-2017)

Thanks to Suzanne Helston (UVic Human Resources) the current rates for the PBC (Pacific Blue Cross) EHB (Extended Health Benefits) plan, the RTO (Retired Teachers of Ontario) Plan, and the Johnson EHB are now posted to here, along with side-by-side comparisons of the benefits.


The University of Victoria Retirees Association (UVRA) began in November 1992 with an informal meeting of retirees from the institution. The Association was incorporated under the Society Act on April 13, 1994. From its inception, the association has grown from a few enthusiastic members to over 500 members. The Association is a member of the College and University Retirees Association (CURAC).

The UVRA's purposes are to act as a liaison between the Unversity of Victoria retirees and the University, to encourage and promote a spirit of collegiality among members of the association, to organize and promote activities for its members, and to facilitate interaction with other retiree/senior organizations.

UVRA is a thriving organization which is living up to its constitutional purpose of strengthening the link between retired employees, the University and each other.

The Association is making the best use of all the communication channels now available, and looks forward to continuing to support the University, as its members keep in touch with campus issues, people, and events.

We welcome all enquiries regarding membership in our Association. Please contact us at or at 250.472.4749

Isobel Dawson, Past President, UVRA


Contact us

tef bldg

R Hut, Room 108 (entrance on the far left)

Office Hours: 1:30 - 3:30 pm, during normal University working-days

UVic Retirees Association, PO Box 1700,
STN CSC, Victoria, BC V8W 2Y2

Phone: 250.472.4749


UVRA Executive

Executive Board
President Peter Liddell 250.595.3182
Vice-President Colin Scarfe 250.477.1986
Secretary Elizabeth Bigelow 250.595.8217
Past President Dave Docherty 250.658.8303
Treasurer Dick Chappell 250.479.7656
Committee Chairs
Benefits Winona Pugh 250.479.2886
Communications Melvin Klassen 250.595.7052
Events Jane Milliken 250.472.1448
Membership Zulette Gordon 250.592.6528
Masterminds Geri van Gyn 250.721.8381
Newsletter Editor Lois Holizki 250.721.6524
Members at large
Barbara Whittington
Beverly Timmons
James Pearce
Juliana Saxton
Laurain Mills
Patty Pitts
Ex-Officio Life Members
Lois Jones



  • The Spring 2017 issue of the Grey Matters! newsletter is now online. Click the Newsletters button to access it.
  • The UVRA's 2016 AGM was held on Wednesday, June 1st. Reports presented at the AGM are now online.
  • Thinking about retirement from UVic? Planning for retirement? See UVic's Planning Ahead web-site for information.
  • The UVic "ONECard" is now available. For retirees from UVic, it replaces your current "UVic Retiree" card. See: for details.

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