Social Justice Studies

Substantive Electives

At least two courses from:

ANTH 308Legality and Social Justice in Global Perspective
ANTH 311Introduction to Applied Anthropology
ANTH 335Ethnicity in Global Perspective
ANTH 336 Contemporary Aboriginal People of Canada
ANTH 405Economic Anthropology
ANTH 406Political Anthropology
CYC 350Applying Law in Child and Youth Care Practice
ES 402Global Issues in Sustainability
ED-D 538A Community Leadership and Adult Learning
ED-D 538B Cultural Leadership and Social Learning through the Arts
ED-D 539B Leadership, Education and Diversity
ES 402 Global Issues in Sustainability
ES 417Women and Environments
GMST 353 Literature and Film of the Holocaust and "Third Reich"
HIST 358A Women in Canada
HIST 358F Natives and Newcomers: Historical Encounters in canada Since 1867
HSD 400Policy in the Human Services
HSD 464 Introduction to Disability Studies
IET 420 Topics in Intercultural Education [If taught as Beyond Diversity and Human Rights; Immigration and Refugee Studies; or Theatre, Community, Change]
IET 430 Facilitating Intercultural Relationships
IGOV 381 Indigenous Leadership and Governance
IGOV 383 The Indigenous-State Relationship
IGOV 384 Special Issues in Indeigenous Governance
POLI 317Politics of Development
POLI 319 Issues in Comparative Politics
POLI 328Gender and International Relations
POLI 335Gender and Politics
POLI 344International Political Economy
POLI 372 Latin American Politics
POLI 375 Gender Politics in China
POLI 422Youth Politics
POLI 432The Politics of Social Movements
POLI 434The Politics of Class
POLI 436 Politics of Human Rights in New Democracies
SOCI 315Class, Status and Power
SOCI 316Social Movements
SOCI 328Issues in the Sociology of Equity and Diversity
SOCI 335Racialization and Ethnicity
SOCI 382 Sociology of Sexuality
SOCI 388 Food and Society
SOCI 465Environmental Sociology
SOCW 350A Social Work, Social Justice and the Law
SOCW 350B Legal Skills for Social Workers (upon sucessful completion of SOCW 350A)
SOCW 452 Teaching and Learning for Social Change
WS 311Sex Work, Trafficking and Human Rights
WS 313 Gender, Globalization and the Love Industry
WS 314 Imagining India
WS 315Gender and International Human Rights
WS 316Gender and Development
WS 322Women, Law and Resistance: Historical Perspectives
WS 329 Topics in Power, Identies and Difference (if taught as "Animal Rights, Feminist Ethics, Social Justice")
WS 336 Anti-Racist Feminisms and Democratic Futures
WS 340 Indigenous Cinema
WS 341 Indigenous Women's Narrated Lives

The following 200-level courses may count as substantive electives for the Minor and Diploma programs if the student requests permission from the Director of SJS ( Please note that 200 level courses do not count towards the General Degree in SJS.   

CYC 230 Introduction to CYC Practice in Indigenous Contexts
CYC 240 Ethical Decision-Making in Child and Youth Care Practice
CYC 250 Introduction to Law in Child and Youth Care Contexts
WS 206 Globalization and Resistance
WS 207 Indigenous Women in Canada