Social Justice Studies

Aims of the Social Justice Studies Program

To provide students with a thorough understanding of the range of ways in which scholars, researchers and activists address and engage with issues surrounding social injustices and initiatives promoting social justice in the contemporary world.

To help advance UVic’s vision, which includes “employing our core strengths to benefit our external communities”, “promoting civic engagement and global citizenship” and valuing “equal rights and dignity of all persons” (UVic Strategic Plan).

Vision Statement

The Vision of the Social Justice Studies Program is to achieve a just and sustainable world.

The following guiding principles, intended for students, teachers and other members of the SJS community, express some ways of moving toward a world based on values of social justice and sustainability:

  • challenging inequitable forms of power that lead to injustice
  • supporting individual and collective action to promote sustainable transformation
  • empowering ourselves even as we recognize and support the empowerment of others
  • respecting all persons, and the natural environment, at all times
  • including diversity in all its aspects
  • recognizing the plurality of values, belief systems, and spiritual beliefs and practices that contribute to visions of a just world.