Social Justice Studies

Some faces of social injustice

  • Economic disparities that concentrate most of the world’s wealth under the control of a tiny fragment of humanity, leaving a billion and a half people destitute
  • Relations of dependency and isolation that keep many battered women in abusive relationships
  • The ugliness of racism, not only as a learned pattern of attitude and action but as institutionalized practices that inferiorize those marked as racial minorities
  • Media representations that position viewers as passive consumers, whose fulfillment lies in possessing just the right accessories to fit the ideal of affluence
  • The lack of control that most working people have over the conditions, process and results of their labour
  • The social vulnerability of refugees and migrant workers who are refused basic citizenship rights
  • The declining quality of social services and the shrinking space for democratic discussion as corporate agendas come to displace the public good
  • The derogation of sexual minorities who do not fit within heterosexist assumptions about "normality"
  • The legacy of colonization that has left Indigenous peoples with few organizational means and resources to build sustainable communities and economies
  • The ecological degradation and environmental injustice that stem from the priority given to short-term private profits over the health of the earth