Social Justice Studies

Why Take Social Justice Studies?

The most compelling reason to take Social Justice Studies is for its intrinsic value. We live in a world in crisis, a world facing enormous socio-political and ecological challenges. Social Justice Studies provides critical perspectives on these challenges and on the possibilities for moving beyond unjust and unsustainable ways of life. Whatever one's vocational or academic aspirations, SJS furnishes a common ground for understanding our troubled world and exploring alternative futures.

Besides intrinsic value, SJS offers considerable practical value. Our program has been designed to complement and enhance whatever credential students earn through their Major field of study. That could be, say, a B.A. in History or Anthropology, a B.S.W. in Social Work, or for that matter, a B.Sc. in Earth and Ocean Science. In each case, the Minor or Diploma in Social Justice Studies will not only deepen and broaden your understanding of social and political issues; it will strengthen your qualifications for a great range of graduate programs, professional schools and occupations. The emphasis within SJS on experiential learning, including SJS 400B, promotes both personal growth and development of practical skills. Combined with a disciplinary Major, a Minor or Diploma in Social Justice Studies will very likely broaden career opportunities while improving the effectiveness of advocacy work or social activism in areas such as human rights, community development, environmental protection, inter-cultural communication, conflict resolution and development in the global south.