Social Justice Studies


JCURA Scholar winners

Jamie Cassels Undergraduate Research Awards (JCURA) Research Fair
Wednesday, March 5, 2014
11:30 AM ~ 3:00 PM, Michele Pujol Room and Upper Lounge at the SUB
Facilitator: Learning and Teaching Centre
Join us in celebrating some of the outstanding research produced by the 2012 Jamie Cassels Undergraduate Research Awards scholars.

Name 2013/14
Nadine Graham
In my proposed research project, I am interested in looking at how Western feminism and Korean feminism interact using the tools of feminist epistemology
Jesse Henderson

Growing Gardens in Garden City, I propose to conduct a study of urban agriculture as an integrative means for poverty reduction, ecological awareness and community building in Victoria, BC


Johanna McBurnie For this research project I want to look at how university students can become more connected with the topics they study, acknowledging their position within the issue and breaking down the problem-non problem dichotomy
Erin Legare The purpose of this study will be to analyze how social networking and blogging have influenced and continue to inform the changing landscape of social movements