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Senior Instructor

Lyn Davis, PhD (Florida State)Lyn Davis
Senior Instructor
Office: HSD Bldg.
Room A322
Phone:  250-472-5431
Fax:  250-721-7067



Lyn Davis has more than 30 years’ experience in research, analysis, development, drafting, and evaluation of policy options and program recommendations in health and social services; provincial, state, and local government operations; juvenile justice; education; and legislative processes.  Since moving to Canada in 1998, she has conducted research at the community level in housing, lesbian health and social services, and early childhood development.  Politically active in the community for many years, she brings her life experience as a feminist and a lesbian to her work.  During the last five years, she has found her latest passion, teaching at the university level.  She has taught at the University of Victoria in Studies in Policy and Practice, Dispute Resolution, Nursing, Social Work, and Child and Youth Care.  Her major fields of teaching are research methods, academic writing, and policy development and analysis. 

Courses Taught Recently: 

SPP 560 – Community Politics Social Change (Spring 201101)
HSD 400 – Policy in the Human Services
SPP/SOCW 560 – Community Politics Social Change
SPP/SOCW 516 – Research Methods (Spring 2007, Fall 2006, Spring 2006, Fall 2004, Fall 2003)

Key Publications:
2005-2006 Evaluating the Family Self-Sufficiency Project: 2005-2006.  Victoria: Burnside-Gorge Community Association. 

2006 - Changing Cultures:  Becoming Landed, Integrating Successfully.  2nd Westcoast Gathering (of Lesbians over 50), Vancouver, BC. 

2005 - with Marjorie MacDonald and Rita Schreiber.  Exploring new roles for advanced nursing practice.  Discussion paper prepared for the Canadian Nurses Association. 

2004 - Not the Life I Want to Live: An Aging Dyke Takes on Lesbian Seniors’ Issues.  International Interdisciplinary Conference on Gender, Sexuality, and Health.  Simon Fraser University.  Vancouver, BC

2003 - Including Lesbian Seniors in Community Care Services: Making Progress in Canada.  14th International Congress on Women’s Health Issues, Victoria, BC

2003 - Paying Attention to Aging Lesbians’ Needs: Creating Canadian Networks. Rainbow Visions.  Montreal, PQ. 

2002 - Including Lesbian Seniors in Community Care Services.   Healing Works! National Lesbian Health Conference.  Washington, DC. 

 2002 - Children Matter Coalition.  Evaluation of the Children Matter Coalition’s CAP-C Programs.  Surrey, BC:  Children Matter Coalition. 

2001 - Health promotion strategies: Promising community empowerment approaches.  In A Best Practices Guide for the Prevention of Falls Among Seniors Living in the Community.  Ottawa:  Health Canada. . 

2001 - Burnside Gorge Community Association.  Homeless Parents and Their Children: From Isolation to Support.  Victoria, BC: Burnside Gorge Community Association. 

2001 - Forest Renewal BC.  An Evaluation of the Impact of Research Program Investments Made by Forest Renewal BC.  Victoria, BC:  Forest Renewal BC. 

2000 - San Francisco Department of Human Services.  Life Beyond Welfare: Current Environment Report.  San Francisco: Department of Human Services. 

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