Program and requirements

The program

Students in the Technology & Society program obtain a multi-faceted, customizable experience, allowing for intellectual flexibility and the learning of applicable critical skills that relate to their other declared areas of study.

Additionally, through the core course offerings, students are exposed to high level political, social and theoretical thinking on the role and consequences of technological culture (TS 200) as well as a hands-on practical engagement with pervasive social and mobile technologies (TS 300).

Throughout the program, students also have the opportunity to attend faculty lectures on cutting edge technological research in departments across the University, lectures that not only provide an information forum for critical learning, but also have developed the community of technology researchers at UVic. This lecture series is given in the context of the capstone course for the Minor in Technology & Society (TS 400) in which students discuss "technologies of the future," and their relationship to the interdisciplinary learning environment espoused by the Technology & Society curriculum.


Students may obtain this Minor by completing the requirements given below, together with an Honours or Major program or other degree program in another department or faculty.

Students in the program are required to take 4.5 units of core courses (TS 200, TS 300, and TS 400) as well as 7.5 units of electives chosen from approved courses, for a total of 12 units. If any of these courses form part of the student's Major, Honours or General program, it cannot be used to fulfill the requirements for the Minor in Technology and Society.

The program of study towards the Minor is estimated to take 8 semesters or 4 years (Minor, as completed within a BA, BSc or BFA). The Minor program will require 12 units, including 4.5 units of required core courses (TS 200, TS 300 and TS 400) and 7.5 units of electives.


How to declare the Technology and Society Minor