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The Alumni Association is producing the first comprehensive directory of UVic, Victoria College, and Provincial Normal School (Victoria) alumni. We have chosen the Bernard C. Harris Publishing Company, which specializes in alumni directories, to act as our agent in gathering information and producing the directory. Our agreement prohibits their using the information you provide for anything other than our directory, which will be made available only to alumni.

Harris recently mailed a questionnaire to 32,000 alumni, and the response has been very positive. We would like to encourage those of you who have not yet returned your questionnaire to do so. If you are puzzled by the question asking for your civic affiliation, this refers to any service club, church, or community service involvement that you care to list.

In December, Harris will phone all alumni to verify the information provided. At that time, they will also be making this valuable reference work available to you (for delivery in spring 1996). Only enough copies will be printed to fulfil prepublication orders, so be sure to reserve a copy when the Harris representative calls.

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