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by Anne McLaughlin (VC48-50)

Now where was I? Oh, I remember it was Turkey, and I came in from the airport in my traveling clothes and Tilley hat in time to catch the last five minutes of the Annual General Meeting ably chaired by Vice-President Fred Oppel. And then the directors elected me president again. What kind of an outfit would want a president who cant even get to the AGM on time? Anyway Im delighted to be president for another year, and Ill try to make it to the next AGM.

The past year was most successful, and I know we have an even better one coming up, with eight great new board members, joined by 13 experienced ones. When I called people to ask if they would chair committees, I was met with much enthusiasmeveryone accepted. We have done a bit of reorganization to reduce the number of committees and therefore the number of meetings people attend.

In June I was privileged to participate in an on-site analysis with all the personnel in Development and Alumni Relations. This was a 4 1/2-day exercise over a weekend when we looked at the past, checked over the present, and developed strategies for the future. It was exciting, exhausting, fun, and fruitful.

Shortly after the on-site the board had its annual one-day retreat to plan for the coming year. At our first monthly meeting at the end of August, thank-you letters from students who had received scholarships and grants were shared. There was also feedback from the ten graduates we sponsored in the Career Search Strategies Program. Dr. Hickman, whom many of you will remember as a professor of French and former principal, told me after the meeting that he was impressed with the variety and extent of our programs supporting students. So am I.

There have been more staff changes. Edith Knott, who has been the alumni secretary for as long as I can remember, took early retirement, but she will continue to handle the cruise program. Our new secretary is Marlene Bergstrom who has been working in Development and already has background knowledge of the Alumni Association.

Thats itthe editor wont give me any more space anyhow. Hope you all have a good autumn and a happy holiday season.

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