Company credits success to Co-op

Cominco Engineering Services Ltd. (CESL) is using breakthrough technology to produce Canada's first refined copper and nickel without smelting and the Vancouver company says co-op students have been a vital part of the project.
"It wouldn't have been possible without co-op," says project manager David Jones, who is currently overseeing the construction of a demonstration plant in Richmond, B.C.
Currently B.C. companies ship copper concentrate out of the country because there is no market here for sulfuric acid, one of the by-products of smelting ore. Since 1992, CESL has been developing technology to extract nickel and copper from ore to replace the traditional costly smelting process, and co-op students, primarily from UVic, have been advancing the process.
CESL hired its first three co-op students from chemistry in 1993. Since then, over 100 UVic co-op students have worked with the company over the past three years. As the company expands, so does its search for students. This fall CESL is hiring 55 co-op students-19 of them from UVic's chemistry, electrical and computer engineering and mechanical engineering departments-making CESL the single biggest supporter of UVic co-op.


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