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Vic College

Sheila (Carstens) Nickols (VC'54) was named Citizen of the Year in Maple Ridge, B.C. for her work with the Maple Ridge Museum, the Maple Ridge Historical Society and the Heritage Advisory Committee. She writes a weekly newspaper column on heritage topics in Maple Ridge.

The Brock University Library was renamed the James A. Gibson Library in July after James Gibson (VC'29) the founding president of Brock. A Rhodes scholar, he was president from 1963-73 and also a professor of history and politics.

Normal School grads of 1937 are invited to a 60 year reunion at UVic on May 22-23, 1997. Contact Joe Phillipson at (604) 383-3318 or Lloyd Main at (604) 592-4043 for more information.

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Linda (Parfitt) Kibblewhite (BEd'66) is a grade one teacher with the Etobicoke Board of Education. She has recently moved to 38 Blairwood Terrace, Scarborough, Ontario, M1W 1W8.


Monica McCandless (BSc'72) was appointed vice president, general manager of government and regulated services, industry business unit for Xerox Ltd. in Rochester, New York.

Lila (Kelroy) Burdett (BEd'79) is working as a project coordinator for the Vancouver School Board. She received a MEd in 1982 from UBC and a PhD in 1991 from Brigham Young University in Utah.

Patricia (Verigin) Rowley (BSc'77 biology) married Peter Rowley, an American citizen, in 1991 and moved to Maui, where they lived for three years before moving to Las Vegas. She is a health inspector in the Clark County Health District and member of the hanta virus surveillance team and the epidemiology team which investigates food-borne illness outbreaks.Email her at or write her at 5015 W. Sahara Avenue #212, Las Vegas, NV 89102.

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Irene (Wilkstrom) Gertz (BSc'80) taught science for five years in Prince Rupert, where she met her husband, Jim. They now have three daughters and live in Nelson, B.C. where she home-schools her children.

Laura-Lyn (Grooms) Helton (BSc'87 biology). It's both! Twins Allister and Charlotte were born to Laura-Lyn and husband, Allan, on Aug. 30 in Victoria. Laura-Lyn's a teacher and this is the biggest back-to-school ever.

William Ofosuhene-Djan (MEd'83) is working as a research officer in plant medicine at the Centre for Scientific Research into Plant Medicine in Ghana. He is also the head of the plant development and production unit.

Dean Smith (BMus'83) is a music teacher at Fernie Secondary School in Fernie B.C., where he was volleyball coach for 10 years. He lives with his wife, Pam, and two sons, Zachary and Ben.

Robert Lee (MPA'85) completed an MSc in business administration from UBC and joined IBM's Vancouver office in 1988. He is a business systems analyst with IBM Leasing at their headquarters in Markham, Ontario, where he lives with his wife, Fanny, and their two daughters, five-year old Carmen and two-year old Chelsea.

Patricia (Jackson) Schiller (BA Honours Psychology '85) moved to California in 1990 and received a PhD in 1993 in clinical psychology, then moved to Eufaula, Alabama where she worked as the clinical director of a residential treatment centre for 60 adolescents before going into private practice full-time this year.

Kerry Francis (BFA'87) received a BEd from Bishops University in 1991. He now teachers art and drama to grades eight to 12 at Charles Hays Secondary School in Prince Rupert, B.C. He married Sue Stushnuff (LLB'88) in 1993.

Alan Goh (BA Geography'87) recently returned to Toronto after three years in Calgary. He is associate minister at the Toronto Korean Presbyterian Church and very involved with second generation Asian youth and young adults.

Patti (Stewart) Keenan (BEd'87) teachers at View Royal Elementary School in Greater Victoria. She has two sons, Stewart and Adam. Her hobbies have changed since the birth of the boys: badminton, cycling and backpacking have been replaced by visits to the duck pond and trailer camping on Parksville Beach.

Kari Marks (BSc'87) is an environmental consultant currently working in Hanoi, Vietnam. She recently returned to Canada for the birth of her first child.

Daniel Massey (BA Economics'87) worked for eight years in banking in Vancouver and received an MBA from UBC. He is currently working as an international officer with the HSBC Group of London, England in their Hong Kong office where he lives with his wife, Donna. His next posting will in a branch in one of the 70 countries the HSBC operates in.

Mahesh Kuman Pachauri (MA'87) received a PhD from JNU in New Delhi and is now an associate professor in the department of geography at D. Jain Post Graduate College of Meerut University in Delhi India.

Susan (Dahl) Brown (BScN'89) is the director of health services for Lakefield College School in Ontario, where they settled in 1995 after her husband, Jeff, retired from the navy. They live with their two sons, Evan and Joel. Lakefield is known for having Prince Andrew as a student in the 1970s. Sue can be reached by email at

Richard Buhr (BA'88) has just returned from two years in Japan. He'd like to hear from other UVic students who are interested in Japan. He can be reached by email at buhr@freenet.Calgary.ab.Canada or by mail at PO Box 2352 Stn. N Calgary, AB, T2P 2M6.

Roy Cullen (MPA'88) was elected a Liberal federal MP for Etobicoke North riding in Toronto in March 1996.

James Dooley (PhD'88 biochemistry) is a lecturer at the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland. He can be reached by email at

Michele Holmgren (BA (Hons)'88) is completing a PhD thesis on Irish emigrant poets in Canada at the University of Western Ontario. She earned an MA in Irish writing from Queen's University in Belfast in 1992. Her husband, David Holmgren (PhD'89) works for the Czech Academy of Science in Ondrejov, CR. She plans to join him next year.

Doug Murphy (MPA'89) was a policy analyst for the federal department of finance in Ottawa. In September he began studies at the London School of Economics to pursue a MSc in comparative politics.

Lucy Stephenson (BC'89) completed a graduate diploma in journalism at Concordia University in Montreal and is returning to the west to look for work in media or communications.

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In the last issue we mistakenly added a few years to Peter Reardon. We listed him as MEd'63 when he actually graduated in 1993. He's now working on a PhD at the University of Manchester and can be reached by email at Sorry for aging you prematurely, Peter.

Larry Low (BA'90) lives in Richmond B.C. where he is a specialist in Chinese as a first language. He has a certificate in ESL and Linguistics from SFU.

Sophie Witham (BA '90; Professional Teacher's Certificate '91) is teaching grade seven at St. Patrick's School in Victoria. An avid gardener and fitness enthusiast, she is working at improving her tennis and golf games.

Monique Mayer (BSc'91) graduated in 1995 from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan. She is practicing at the Westbrook Clinic in Edmonton Alberta.

Kin Knudsen (BA'92 Pacific and Asian Studies) moved to Japan after graduation and taught Spanish and English for two years. He is married to Yoko Takeuchi, an ESL student at UVic from 1991 to 1992. He is now studying for a bachelor of science degree in international business at the Copenhagen Business School and practicing Kendo, Japanese sword fighting.

Alana (Murray) Phillips (BSc Hons'93) and Michael Phillips (BEng'93) were married in July 1995. They live in Edmonton where Alana is completing an MSc in zoology at the University of Alberta, studying vocal communication and mother-pup behaviour in South American fur seals. She will begin a PhD in January 1997. Michael is an engineer-in-training with Roberts Beaubien Engineering. Their email address is

Tracy Zander (BA'93) and Tim Zander (BA'93) live in Kingston, Ontario. Tracy completed an MPL at Queen's University and Tim completed a BEd also from Queen's and is working with young offenders through the St. Lawrence Youth Association. He is also an active hockey coach.

Brenda Bella (BEd (Elementary)'94) is a teacher who lives 56 km south of Perth, Australia with her husband and baby daughter, Rhianna. Since moving to Perth in January 1994, she has been teaching primary grades and enjoying family life.

Dylan MacLeod (LLB'94) married Marit Wetterhus in Kongsvinger, Norway in June 1994. He is a management consultant with McKinsey & Company in Oslo.

Christopher Morash (BMus'94) is the director of music and worship at the Church of the Incarnation Catholic Community in Charlottesville, Virginia. He can be reached at 635 Hillsdale Drive, Charlottesville, VA 22901, USA

Michelle (Elston) Nohr (BEd'94) was a kindergarten and ESL teacher in Campbell River, B.C. until June 1996. She married in July 1995 and moved to a new home this summer.

Anne Sheridan (BSc'94) operates her own marine wildlife and whale watching tour company, Seaker Adventure Tours, in Victoria. She also manages Victoria Marine Adventure Centre, a charter boat marine tour centre in Victoria's Inner Harbour.

Roger John (BA'95) is working an a youth correctional outreach counsellor at the Victoria Native Friendship Centre doing advocacy work with First Nations' youth in conflict with the law.

Kerri (Bassett) Kluss (BSc'95) married Warren Kluss (BA '95) in August, 1995. She is a behavioural support therapist at Gateway Behavioral Support Services in Smithers, B.C.

Dale Richardson (MBA'95) works in the strategy and planning department of NOVA Chemicals in Calgary. His wife, Lana, works at the U of C in the geomatics department and they are both enjoying their new home.

Paul Swanson (LLB'96) is an articling student with the law department of Bell Canada in Toronto. He thanks the Stewart, Droppe and MacKay families for making his three years in Victoria so enjoyable.

In Search of.....

Kim Knudsen (BA'92 Pacific and Asian Studies) is looking for Stephen Pettrucci, Carol Kitteridge who were in his Japanese class and dorm-mate Ben Peacock. Email him at or write him at Lemnosvej 3A3tv 2300 Copenhagen S., Denmark.

Patricia (Verigin) Rowley (BSc'77 biology) would like to hear from "my old Raven Room cronies" or anyone other classmates. Email or write her at 5015 W. Sahara Avenue #212, Las Vegas, NV 89102.

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Stay in Touch! We (and your fellow alumni) would like to hear from you. Tell us where you are and what you have been up to. Fill out the on-line form and email it back to us.

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