10 Useful UVic Web Sites

#1. Get to know us: UVic Info http://www.uvic.ca

#2. Find out what your alumni association is up to. http://web.uvic.ca/alumni/

#3. Help other students get jobs by becoming a Career Advisor:

#4. Need to upgrade your skills or just want to take a course for the fun of it? Check out UVic's Continuing Studies.

#5. Keep up to date with what's going on on campus with The Ring http://communications.uvic.ca/Ring/index.html
#6. Remember The Martlett? It's online. Read what students are doing.

#7. Find interesting facts and figures about UVic:

#8. We're not Letterman, but we've got our Top 10 list too!
http://communications.uvic.ca/Top 10.html

#9. Looking for a job? Check UVic job postings.
#10. Misplaced an issue of the Torch? Don't worry, recent issues are on the Web.

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