From the Editor

Hello from your new Torch editor. After nine years, Robie Liscomb has handed off the Torch to take on other challenges in the Public Relations and Information Services department as our resident computer doctor and Internet specialist.
This is crucial time for the Torch. Our alumni is growing, the Internet is booming and electronic publishing, as Bruce Mackenzie (BA'79, MA'81)) tells us in our new opinion piece, Vox Alumni, may change publishing as we know it. Our leisure time is shrinking and magazines like the Torch must compete for the precious few minutes we have to spare between jobs, family, and other obligations.
We don't want to get left behind, so we surveyed a sample of you and asked how we could improve the make it a magazine that might drag you away, even for a few moments, from the computer, the TV, or Maclean's magazine. We asked you and you told us: You want more information on what's happening on campus; more stories on research and the people behind the research. You want to hear from UVic grads on issues that concern you and your families. And you want more bragging when bragging is called for, like when we were named the top comprehensive university by Maclean's. You also want a snappier design with more graphics, charts and illustrations.
What will we do with all this information? Well, first, we've changed the look of the magazine. We hired UVic alumni Clint Hutzulak (BA'89 honors English) and Bonnie Light (BA'95 economics) of Rayola Graphic Designs in Victoria to put together a totally new look, which we hope you'll like. We've also beefed up our research and people sections. Let us know what you think. We welcome all comments.

Teresa Moore, Editor

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