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Ted deBourcier, VC'53, BSc'69, enjoys retirement in Gibsons, BC. He remarried in August, and he and his wife Anne are looking forward to a quiet easy life og sailing and gardening.


Joseph Henri Martel, MSc'69, the first person to receive an MSc from UVic, is a business manager for Sugar Research International in Queensland, Australia.

Peter A. Reardon, MEd'63, is working on his PhD at the University of Manchester's Centre for Adult and Higher Education. Prior to renewing his studies, he was working with a preschool development program in a Serb-held area of the former Yugoslavia. He had also worked in Bosnia monitoring food distribution to isolated communities. He would like to hear from anyone with experience or contacts regarding his dissertation topic: preschool development in war-distressed environments. His email address is


Laurel (Gourlay) Doidge, BA'71, is still living in Williams Lake with her family and working at the Cariboo Health Unit and by now should have completed work on her Provincial Instructor's Diploma.

Peter G. Grossgardt, BSc'74, is living in Nanaimo and driving a taxi. He married Margaret in February and would like to hear from former colleagues and associates.

Stephen Jones, BEd'79, MEd'93, is a district counsellor for elementary school students in the Sooke school district. He and wife Karen and three children recently moved from Vancouver to Mill Bay where he does career development work, employment work, and teaching of First Nations students. He would like to know the whereabouts of the UVic students he did his teacher training with in 1977.

Dawn McCaugherty, BFA'77, is an assistant professor of theatre at the Univ. of Utah, Salt Lake City, teaching acting, voice and speech. She returns to Toronto in the summers to direct for Shakespeare-in-the-Rough.


Carol Bird Terrell photo Carol Bird-Terrell, BSc'86, worked for five years after graduating from UVic, and then earned a chemical engineering degree from UBC, where she recently completed her masters in pulp and paper engineering. She lives in Bellingham, WA, with her husband of one year and wrks as a process engineer for Georgia Pacific Corp. "I'm enjoying my free time and the outdoors."

Fraser Chambers, BSc'87, went on to get an MSc and PhD at the University of Bowling Green. He's now back in Victoria with wife Jaime and newborn daughter Rachel, working as a VP in the electrical engineering firm he and his wide co-founded.

Erica (Lafferty) Fagan, BA'87, travelled around Europe and southern Africa dor a year after graduation, finally settling in South Africa for six years teaching ESL and working at a local technical institute. Her husband decided to immigrate to Canada, and they are now settled in Calgary where she is an instructor at Mt. Royal College and "waiting for the next adventure."

Michael Geoghegan, BA'89, has worked as ministerial assistant in the B.C. Ministry of Small Business, Tourism and Culture. Last August he and Tawner Sather were married at the Cordova Bay United Church and spent their honeymoon in Mexico. They look forward to starting a family.

Sally A. Kimpson, BSN'89, MA'95, sits on the Minister's Advisory Council for Women's Health and works as a therapist in private practice, specializing on working with women experiencing chronic illness or pain. She is seeking a publisher for her autobiographical thesis and living comfortably on Gonzales Bay.

Frans Lampe, MFA'83, is living in The Netherlands. Besides his full painting schedule, he's teaching for one and a half days a week at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, The Hague.

Rod McCormick, MA'86, is director of UBCs Native Indian Teacher Education program and assistant professor in the Dept. of Counselling Psychology. His wife, Liane O'Grady, LLB'84, is crown counsel in Surrey. They live in White Rock with baby Geoffrey Patrick, born in August.

John Papaioannou, BA'86, is single, living permanently in The Netherlands, and working for Bentley Systems, a U.S. software company specializing in computer-assisted design.

Linda Polsson, BEd'84, is in her fifth year of teaching intermediate grades at Seal Cove Elementary in Prince Rupert. She spent a month in Bolivia last summer, visiting friends she made while living and teaching there from 1985-88.

Charlaine Robinson, BA'88, is a peer support facilitator/counsellor at St. Stephen's School in Valleyview, AB, after seven years in Nova Scotia. She "enjoyed being home raising a son and two daughters, but now I'm ready for a part-time child and youth car related job."

Michael J. Robinson, BA'88, received a law degree from Cornell in 1991. Following a clerkship with a federal judge and three years with an international law firm, he recently joined the U.S. Dept. of Justice as a trial lawyer in the Environment and Natural Resources Division. He lives with his wife Elizabeth and daughter Hannah and son Max in Arlington, VA.

Alison Sydor, BSc'89, world mountain bike champ, was named 1995 B.C. amateur athlete of the year by a panel of provincial sports writers and broadcasters.

Pip White, BA'87, MA'90, recently moved back to Victoria after stints in Prince George, Ottawa and Saskatoon. He is principal of Carpe Data Research and is married with two sons.

Lynda J. Williams, BA'80, has been a sessional instructor in computer science at the Univ. of Northern B.C. since September, teaching the computer applications service course and developing curriculum. She is president and founder of the Prince George Free-Net Association. She received an MLS from the Univ. of Toronto and an MSc from McMaster. Her email address is


Michael Busche, BEd'95, lives in Anyang City, just outside Seoul, Korea, where he teaches English at a private Christian high school. "I arrived in September and who know's when I'll return? The kids are great and the culture here is amazing."

A. George Burns, BSc'94, is in his second year of med school at te Univ. of Calgary. His wife Ruth is a family physician and they are also busy raising two young children.

Susan Kellock, BA'91, is executive head chef at Santiago's Cafe in Victoria. "My career goal is to become a famous Victoria chef and write a few cookbooks."

Zeus R. Kerravala, BSc'90, lives in Baltimore and works as a systems administrator for Alex. Brown and Sons, the US's oldest investment banker. He is married, is a single-digit handicap golfer, enjoys ice hockey, and is involved in the Big Brothers program.

Brian Lee Hui Run, BMus'90, and his wife Liliana just moved into a new house in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. Since returning to Malaysia from Canada, he has taught violin, viola, cello and double bass privately and recently joined the ASvant Garde Music Academy where he helps develop and expand the strings program.

John McNamee, LLB'91, moved his law practice from Abbotsford to Burnaby, where he practices family and criminal law. Kirsten (Hoover) Peck, BEng'93, lives in Surrey and has worked for BCHydro since graduation, with a six-month maternity leave break with her daughter Kira. She is now completing the Engineer-in-Training program at BCHydro.

Jacqueline Pruner, BA'95, is working as a consultant for the Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation in Old Crow, Yukon. She co-ordinated the 10-city tour which took eight band members ranging in age from 9 to 73 years, to more than 10 cities across the U.S. in order to educate poeple about oil development in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in northeastern Alaska, which is a potential htreat to the Porcupine Caribou herd, the main source of food for these people. They received widespread media coverage, including the MacNeil Lehrer Report and David Suzuki's program, "The Nature of Things."

Barb (Stewart) Schipfel, BA'91, BEd'94, lives with her husband Dave in Grand Forks, BC. "I am teaching grades one and two full-time in school district 12 and loving it."

Brigette Torok, BA'91, just returned from a sabbatical during which she realized her dream of sailing across the Atlantic. After working on charter yachts in the Caribbean, she hitched rides on various sailboats via Antigua, St. Maartin, Bermuda, the Azores and Gibraltar, and sailed through the Mediterranean during the summer. She's now back in Mississauga, energized and determined to find a great job in public relations/communications.

Laurel Townsend, BSc'89, MA'92, is completing her predoctoral internship in clinical psychology at Victoria Hospital in London, ON. She married Edward Travers-Smith in 1991.

Corey Yamaoka, BEd'93, after graduation, taught grade seven in Kamloops for a year, after which was put on permanent contract teaching grades four through seven at Westwold Elementary, about 55 kilometres from Kamloops.

Kate Zantvoort, BA'92, is a student of landscape architecture at Ryerson Polytechnic University. After graduating in 1998, she plans to return to Victoria to practice her profession.

Stay in Touch! We (and your fellow alumni) would like to hear from you. Tell us where you are and what you have been up to. Fill out the on-line form and email it back to us.

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