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Branch Profile Vancouver

Greater Vancouver is home to more than 6,000 alumni from Victoria College and the University of Victoria. If any city is capable of sustaining a full-fledged branch of the UVic Alumni Association, it should be Vancouver. But the branch activity in Vancouver has been sporadic. Bursts of intense activity have been followed by long dormant periods. The Alumni Association’s new effort to provide administrative support for branches should help end the roller coaster ride.

The new era for the resurrected Vancouver Branch was launched June 27 when 40 enthusiastic alumni gathered in the Century Plaza Hotel to meet the new Chancellor, Dr. Norma Mickelson, and the Marshal of the Convocation, Nels Granewall. After listening to We Are UVic Now, the new rally song at Vikes’ games, alumni were shown the alumni video with nostalgic clips of Craigdarroch Castle and the Lansdowne Campus of Victoria College.

Branch Treasurer Tim Brown (LLB ‘93), introduced executive members Mike Wozniak (BA ‘92) President; Rick Pachler (BED ‘90), Vice-President; Grace Dierssen (BA ’89), Secretary; and Roger Barliszen (BA ‘78), Director at Large. Plans for the branch include a scholarship reception, a business card exchange, and quarterly informal socials.

The executive hopes to form a core group in the coming year, fostering friendship and spirit among all UVic alumni in the Lower Mainland. Prospective members are asked to provide feedback on suggested group activities like Vancouver Art Gallery visits; pub nights; brewery tours; bowling and billiards nights; Grizzlies, Canucks, or Canadians games; and especially Vikes vs UBC sports events (with members supporting UVic by wearing alumni clothing). With consistency and enthusiasm established, the branch might host larger events with notable alumni and guest speakers.

If you live in Vancouver and would like to participate in any of these activities, please contact Mike Wozniak:

tel: 738-9003(h), 687-2133(w);

e-mail (h), or (w).

All suggestions and support will be greatly appreciated by the branch executive.

Alumni Relations Office
University of Victoria

Box 3060, Victoria, BC V8W 3R4
Phone: 250-721-6000
Toll Free 1-800-808-6828
Fax: 250-721-6265

Book sales on the Internet

Browsers on the Alumni Association’s web site will notice an invitation to save 30 to 90 per cent on purchases of books from a virtual bookstore called Book Express. The store, actually located in St. Catharines, Ontario, is a book warehouse offering its products world-wide via the Internet. Shoppers may browse through the offerings in the comfort of their home and if they find books they want, the savings will be substantial. Over 25,000 books in print and audio format are offered for sale. To make things even better, if the store is accessed through the UVic Alumni site, the purchaser becomes established as a UVic customer and the Alumni Association receives a 10 per cent commission on every purchase that customer makes. Transactions are all in US dollars because of the international scope of the service. Purchases must be made by credit card. An encryption service is in place to protect the security of the transaction.

Direct access through the UVic entrance to Book Express:

New long distance deal between UVic and ACC Tel

The Alumni Association reached a new telecommunications agreement with ACC TelEnterprises, effective September 1. Students, alumni, and friends of the university will be able to benefit from very attractive "group" rates for Internet, paging and long distance services. (See advertisement on the back cover of this issue.) ACC is a multi-national, value-added telecommunications provider specializing in a full suite of services to more than 60 Canadian universities, colleges and other educational institutions. "I have consulted my colleagues across Canada", said Don Jones, UVic’s Alumni Relations Director, "and ACC is extremely well regarded in our sector. I am very happy to have concluded this agreement with them. I am also convinced that students, alumni and other members of the university community will be pleasantly surprised at the service and rates offered by ACC."

The University of Victoria Students Society and the Student and Ancillary Services Department will also benefit from this agreement. "This represents unusual synergy on a Canadian university campus," said Jones. "It will represent an important source of revenue for the three parties who will receive funding from ACC for long distance, Internet and paging services sold to our respective constituents."

For the past three years, the Alumni Association has participated in BCTel’s Ambassador Program. That contract expired at the end of August and the Association no longer receives any revenue from this source. "We believe that ACC’s program represents a better option for the university community and I am looking forward to working with them to introduce it to alumni," Jones said.

For additional information on ACC’s services, please call ACC Customer Service, toll free, at 1-888-274-7920.

Your alumni card

The UVic Alumni Card just keeps getting better. This past summer Jamie Hutchison, a student on a summer work assignment, contacted a number of local businesses and campus services to add benefits to the program. As a result of his work, alumni cardholders may now receive discounts on computer and software purchases, futons, three new restaurants, nature adventures and a limo service, to name a few.

The cards are available for an annual fee of $20 and provide access to campus services as well as discounts at participating businesses. An attractive Benefits Handbook accompanies the card which can be obtained in person, by mail, e-mail, or phone from the alumni office. For an up-to-date listing of all of the benefits available, check the web site at:

UVICSAA: the student alumni association at UVic

Alumni. It’s a word that conveys prestige, pride and personal accomplishment for UVic graduates. Lately there has been increased participation in alumni activities, not only from UVic grads but from current students.

The UVic Student Alumni Association (UVICSAA) is the brainchild of Nels Granewall (BA ’64) who saw the need to connect future, current, and past students when he moved from Student Financial Aid to Alumni Relations in 1995. Recruiting student volunteers at Orientation Week, he brought together a diverse group that complemented each other well. Everyone was excited by the concept and the group was formed in 1996.

"The student alumni movement in Eastern Canada has increased tremendously in the past few years and the idea has great potential here," says Granewall. "Future alumni programs will be strengthened by the current student program. It’s an investment in the UVic Alumni Association of the next millennium."

UVICSAA is supported by sales of diploma frames at UVic Convocation ceremonies and the Campus Used Book Sale. Other activites have included the Parents Information Session during orientation week and the Campus Clean-Up Campaign in the Spring. Lucas Aykroyd, a founding member, raised awareness and funds for the Disabled Students Resource Centre by walking for 24 hours on a treadmill at the Victoria Eaton Centre, and by running 100 km in one day at Centennial Stadium. The Alumni Association considers UVICSAA an important investment in UVic, supporting a director’s position for a representative from the students.

Honourary alumni

The UVic Alumni Association grants Honourary Alumni status to people who—while not graduates of UVic—have contributed greatly to the university, the association and the community. Popular UVic basketball personalities Ken and Kathy Shields fit the bill perfectly. They became Honourary Alumni May 28 at a ceremony led by Hon. Mr. Justice Robert Hutchison, Honourary Alumni Association President and an author of the 1978 policy that made UVic basketball eligible for elite coaching and competition. The policy set the stage for remarkable success on the court: between them Ken and Kathy guided UVic basketball squads to more than 30 championships.

Ken was Athletic Director and Men’s Basketball Coach from 1978-89 winning seven straight CIAU championships and four CIAU coach of the year awards. A former national team program director and head coach, Ken has a Master Coach certificate from the Coaching Association of Canada and he’s a past recipient of the George R. Pearkes Memorial Award for Outstanding Leadership in University Sports. Ken now heads the Commonwealth Centre for Sport Development in Saanich, a national multi-sport training centre for high performance athletes.

Kathy has been at the helm of UVic Women’s Basketball since 1978, amassing six CIAU national championships, 12 CWUAA titles and two CIAU coach of the year honours. In 1992, the UVic Women’s Basketball team was named B.C.’s Team of the Year and Kathy won the Coaching Association of Canada 3M Award. Kathy’s international experience includes: Junior National Team Coach (1983); Assistant Coach, Senior National Team (1982-92); and Head Coach, Senior National Team (1992-95). In her playing days, Kathy was a member of the Canadian National Team [1970-74).

The Alumni Association is very proud to welcome Ken and Kathy Shields as Honourary Members.

New alumni scholarship

UVic President David Strong with scholarship winner Rita Lin and Alumni Association President Derek Graham.

The Alumni Association is proud to announce the David F. Strong Scholarship in Pacific and Asian Studies. The award of $2,000 was given for the first time this year, with funds provided by the Association, to Rita Lin, who is in her fourth year at UVic.

The award will be permanently endowed by the Alumni Association so that it can be granted each year to a deserving student in this emerging and increasingly important department. The scholarship, which was initially proposed to the Alumni Association by Harry Hickman, bears UVic President David Strong’s name in recognition of his personal interest in this area and support for the Alumni Association. This newest award brings to eleven the scholarships and bursaries which have been endowed by the Alumni Association. The total value of these endowments is almost $450,000. Annually they produce over $21,000 in support for UVic students.

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