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Supporting UVic: An annual tradition


Photo of Mark GastelMark E. Gastel, BSc '91

MAJOR: Computer Science

MINOR: Psychology

Computer Consultant
Volleyball, Photography, Camping, Snow Boarding


"In 1993, I made my first donation to UVic when I received a call from a student with the Annual Giving Campaign. I like the yearly contact and the fact that it's a student I'm talking with, someone who really knows UVic.

When I was in my first year of university I received a scholarship--so for me making a donation is important because I want to help out others in the same way. There are a lot of students out there who need a hand, especially those coming right from high school and who've had only two months to get a job and save. Making an annual donation is my way of making a difference.

Each year I give what I can, so the decision to put a bit of money aside isn't a big deal to me, it's easy--I just do it!"

The Annual Giving Campaign is the backbone of fundraising programs for the University of Victoria. Annual donations provide support for student awards, faculty and department funds, the University Libraries, and other priority projects on campus.

For information on Annual Giving, please contact:

Catharine A. McLeod

Annual Giving Coordinator

Development Office

University House 1

University of Victoria

Victoria, BC V8W 3R4

Tel: (250) 721-6003

Fax: (250) 721-8961


Golf Anyone?

The First Annual University of Victoria Golf Tournament is scheduled for August 20, 1997 at Uplands Golf Club. Open to all alumni, staff, students and friends of the University, the tournament is jointly sponsored by the UVic Alumni Association, UVic's Athletics & Recreational Services and Uplands Golf Club. Funds raised from the tournament will go towards athletic scholarships.

Everyone will be invited to attend the presidents' reception on August 19 hosted by the president of the Alumni Association, the president of Uplands Golf Club and the honorary president of the tournament.

Space is limited. Participants are encouraged to call and register as soon as possible at (250) 472-4642. Cost is $150 for the tournament and reception. A gift receipt will be issued for a portion of the cost.*

Tax News for Donors

Many changes were announced in the February federal budget that have increased the tax credit amounts available to donors starting in 1997. Here are five of them:

1. For lifetime gifts from individuals, donations totaling up to 75 per cent of income may be claimed for a tax credit. This is up from the 50 per cent limit announced last year.

2. For donors who plan a gift upon death, that limit is raised to 100 per cent of income.

3. For lifetime gifts of appreciated property, up to 75 per cent of income plus 25 per cent of the taxable capital gain may be claimed for a tax credit. This means that a donor is able to claim for credit 100 per cent of the taxable gain.

4. For gifts of publicly listed securities, only 37.5 per cent of the capital gain must be brought into taxable income (half of what would be required had there been no gift).

5. For gifts of depreciable property, there is a fully offsetting tax credit in respect of the recapture.*

Giving on the Web

UVic Development has a new web site. Check out for more information on giving to the University. Preparing your will? The page on bequests gives a few suggested clauses and information on choosing an executor. Considering ways to give a donation and receive an income for life? The pages on gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts may be of interest. There is also information on the tax benefits of giving and the tax credit changes announced in February's budget.*

Award News

Over the past year, our donors have established 62 new undergraduate and graduate scholarships and bursaries. Thirty-seven are new endowment funds established in the University of Victoria Foundation. Many endowment funds have been enhanced throughout the years by the generosity of alumni and friends. Gifts to endowed funds assure a vital future for the University by providing an ongoing source of income.

Thank You!

The focus of the 1996/97 annual giving campaign was to get in touch with more alumni and friends than ever before. Approximately 30,000 were approached through mail and phone appeals, and in some instances both.

Thanks to all who participated. Your gifts are greatly appreciated. To those we phoned, thank you for taking the time to speak to one of our student callers. They enjoyed engaging you in conversation and your feedback is valued.

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