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Ali (Alida) M. Abbott (BA '96) is adjusting to a new lifestyle in Japan, where she works for the Shiriuchi Board of Education.

Greg Ballentine (BSc '96) is doing a masters degree in the time resolved scanning probe microscopy group at the University of Alberta physics department.

Herman. C. Cheung (BA'90) is a lawyer with the firm Goodwin & Mark in Richmond, BC.

Douglas Clark (BSc '90) received an MSc (Zoology) in June 1996 from the University of Alberta, studying habitat use by polar bears. He is now working as an ecologist for Parks Canada's Eastern Arctic District.

Lesley Cooper (BA '93, MA '95) moved from Victoria to Stockholm, Sweden, with her fiancee Dr. Juhani Kivisaari and family in 1996. She continues to work on her research about unemployment and government mining programs during the Depression, and plans to continue this work at Stockholm's Universitet next year. In the meantime she is studying Swedish full time, as well as working on a novel about life in the Cariboo district during the 1970s.

Barry & Jennifer Erickson (BA '92 and BA '94) have been living in cosmopolitan Singapore for over two and one-half years. Jennifer teaches Grade 4 at an International School (British and US curriculum). Barry is a realtor with ERA. Anyone interested in working in Singapore please write Box 1137, Raffles City, Singapore 911738.

Lee Fisher (BA '93) is in third year law at the University of Alberta and has been hired by the law firm of Bruhang & Carlson in Nanaimo, B.C. to begin articling in May.

Kirsten Hull (BSN '93) has started a two year position with V.S.O (Voluntary Services Overseas) in Kakamega, Kenya. Her posting involves working with a community-based health care team outreach services to villages.

Melanie B. Johnson (BA '93, LLB '95) and her partner, Mitch Savage, are English language teachers in Japan, near Osaka. They are expecting their first child in July 1997, and plan to stay in Japan for several years. She first lived in Asia during a law co-op from UVic and is glad to be back.

Robert Kleemaier (BA '91) After a couple of years working as a lecturer at various community colleges, he is taking a diploma program at the Hogeschool Maastricht for translators and interpreters (English-Dutch-German).

Kelli T. Kramer (BEd '94) teaches Kindergarten to Grade 7 in the Vancouver School District as an on-call teacher, and enjoys African drumming and dance in her free time.

Christopher Mar (BSc '92) is in private practice in the western communities of Victoria. He graduated from chiropractic school in Portland Oregon in the spring of 1996.

Dawn Marsden (BA '96) is an instructor in the First Nations Support Worker Program at Camosun College and is also upgrading basic sciences for medical school entry and enjoying her spare time with her son, Jibran.

Joe Materi (BA '91) is working for a Nanaimo-based wildlife consultant, conducting impact assessments for the forest, transportation and mining sectors.

Robert S. Miller (BFA '93) is pursuing a versatile career. He auditioned and was successful in getting the role of "Smudge" in the Vancouver production of Forever Plaid. Following that he toured for two years in Asia performing several roles in Phantom of the Opera. Lately, he has been entertaining on the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line's "Song of America".

Alana Phillips (BSc '93) works with the Department of Biological Sciences at University of Alberta. Email

Derek Rolstone (MBA '95) recently left Cargill Inc. where he worked for two years after graduating from UVic to work at the Royal Canadian Mint. On Sept. 24 he appeared on the game show, Jeopardy, the first Manitoban to be on the show. He finished second and won $7000 worth of furniture.

Clara (Lim) Rispin (BEd '95) Clara married Keith Rispin (BEd '93) in August 1996. They now live and teach in Williams Lake, BC.

Lisa (Johnson) Stephens (BSc '92) married Michael Stephens (BSc '91) at the UVic Interfaith Chapel in May 1996. Lisa is a graduate student at UBC working on a PhD in reproductive physiology. Michael is an assistant manager with Versacold, Canada's largest cold-storage facility.

Scyi Topham (BA English '96) has landed a 'dream job' as a private tutor at a resort in the Bahamas. "Who says English majors can't find jobs!!! I'm meeting people from all over the world and starting my first book."

John Wensveen (BA '96) left UVic in April 96 and completed his degree by correspondence in July 1996. He accepted a three-year PhD research position in international air transport at the University of Wales, Cardiff in the UK. This position is offered to only one person selected annually from applicants from across the world. "Presently, I am looking at the four main issues affecting the air transport industry: deregulation, liberalization, privatization and competition among airports and airlines. This highly specialized degree will allow me to become a leader in the field with unlimited employment opportunities."


Robert S. Anderson (BMus '84) The life of a musician wasn't for Robert. He is now investigating federal civil rights claims made by prisoners incarcerated in Oregon prisons and says "it's actually more interesting than it may appear."

Candice Baytaluke (BA '89, BSW '91) is a social worker and child abuse investigator for the B.C. Ministry for Children & Families. She started working for the Ministry in the Williams Lake area in May 1990, covering the beautiful Cariboo-Chilcotin area until accepting a job offer in the Kamloops District office in December 1992. She would love to hear from any Alumni member who is currently working for the Ministry. Call her at (250) 371-3600.

Michael Cummings (BA '87, BA '89) lives in Calgary with his wife Alison and is working as a sessional lecturer in the Department of Greek, Latin and Ancient History at the University of Calgary. He has submitted his doctoral dissertation at the University of Ottawa and hopes to receive his PhD in the spring of 1997. He would be delighted to hear from any old friends in the Southern Alberta area. Call him at (403)209-2636.

Wiebe de Jong (BSc '87) worked in San Francisco and Orlando before settling down in Vancouver. She married in 1991 and has two children.

Jaime A. Hernandez (BA '85) is providing management training to automotive distributors in Latin America and the Caribbean and very much enjoying life in San Diego.

Rev. Robert Manly (BEd '82) (MDiv. St. Andrews College) is minister at Forbes Memorial Pastoral charge, 25 miles south of Antigonish, N.S. His address is Box 88, Goshen, N.S. BOH 1M0.

Ian C. MacLeod (LLB '87) Between starting at UVic in 1967 and returning to law school in 1984, he spent 15 years with the Bank of Nova Scotia. He is now a partner with Lawson Lundell Lawson & McIntosh, an 80 lawyer firm in Vancouver and was president of the B.C. Chamber of Commerce in 1992-93.

Mitch McGowan (BFA '87) spent most of 1996 working in various capacities with Theater Schmeater in Seattle and the Washington Shakespeare Festival in Olympia. He is currently working on his MPhil in Irish Theatre Studies at Trinity College, University of Dublin. He invites all old friends and theatre types to write at or Flat 3, Trinity Hall, Dartry Road, Dublin 6, Ireland.

Diana Nicholson (Shannon) (BA '86, MA '92) had a son immediately after completing her MA. Riley is now 4 and in preschool, allowing her to do contract work in program evaluation research and training services.

Kathleen O'Brien (BMus '84) and Hugh Hutner (BA '80) and their children Zoe and Rollin have just returned to Victoria after several years in Connecticut, where Kathleen pursued a doctorate in musicology (expected Spring '97) at Yale University and Hugh received a Master's of Human Service Administration at Antioch University, New England campus. Kathleen taught music history at several universities and Hugh administered hospital-based programs relating to emergency psychiatry and children's/adolescents' concerns.

Laura N. Thomson (BSc '87) has been with TAP (The Alexandra Projects) since it started six and one-half years ago. During that time TAP has grown into one of B.C.'s largest private training & education consulting companies with others in Victoria & Vancouver. She and her husband Brian are trying to stop the growth of their family at three--Alex, Anthony & Emma.

Janice (Heppell) Vogel (BA '89) worked for two years after graduation doing research on Asia-Pacific Security Issues at Royal Roads and UVic, then moved to Asia to "see things for herself". She spent one year in Kobe, Japan and two years in Seoul, Korea, where she continued her research and met her husband. They moved to Hamburg. Germany in 1995 and were married at Royal Roads in August 1996. They have just founded a watch company. Email, snail mail and faxes welcome. Barmbekerstr. 191, 22299 Hamburg, Germany, Tel/Fax: (49-40) 484801,

Barry Walker (BEd '81) got married last year to Cathy Cook (BSc Waterloo '87 and BEd UVic'92) and they are expecting their first child at Christmas.

Carol Whitehouse (LLB '83) She and husband, Don Galbraith, with children Derrick, 4 and Charlotte, 3 months moved to Sidney in July from Yellowknife where she was a legislative drafter for the department of justice, Government of NWT for six years.

Robert A. (Bob) Wilson (BEd '77, MEd '85) After 14 years at all levels of teaching in Quesnel, he and his wife and daughter have settled in Chilliwack. He enjoys writing creative fiction in his spare time.


Rolf Gjeisten (Gilstein) (BMus '76) Rolf joined the New Zealand String Quartet in 1994 after 10 years with a professional quartet in residence at Sarah Lawrence College in New York. The group performs more than 50 concerts a year around New Zealand and the Quartet's international touring in 1997 will include Australia, Korea, Japan, USA, Canada, England, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy. They will be in Victoria for Quartet Fest West in June 1997. In December of 1996, Rolf received his doctorate of musical arts from Rutgers University. He married the first violinist of the quartet, Helene Pohl, in August of 1996 and now lives in Wellington. He is looking to run his tenth marathon.

M. Lindsay Lambert (BFA '78) Before the movies were invented, people saw slide entertainment called magic lantern shows. Prof. Lambert has revived the medium, using a turn-of-the-century magic lantern projector and glass slides dating from 1860-1910 and has been giving occasional shows in Ottawa for the past three years. He has adopted the title Professor in accordance with Victorian showman tradition. He also restores china, glassware & small antiques, and lectures on antiques & collecting.

Richard Walker (BSc '77) has been in Calgary since 1989 managing the University of Alberta - South Alberta Liaison Office. The office administers all transactions between the University and industry for technology transfer, licensing and manufacturing contracts for new products or services created at the university, manages individual and corporate gifts to the Capital Campaign and offers engineering co-op student placement and science faculty industrial internship program liaison with business.


Jim Gauley (BSc '68, MEd'77) taught at Elizabeth Fisher/Belmont High from 1969 to 1977, was vice-principal at Belmont from 1977 to 1979, principal of Edward Milne Community School from 1980-1988, principal of Dunsmuir school from 1988 to 1996 and has been principal of Wishart School since 1996 (Sooke District). He married Veronica Harrison (BSc. '69) in 1968 and they have two children, Christina, 25, and Michael, 22. Veronica manages Purdy's Chocolates, Hillside Mall.

Rowland (Roly) McLeod (BA '69) is a partner at the Vancouver law firm of Davis & Company, president of the Heart & Stroke Foundation of BC & the Yukon and a director of the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada. His wife is also a partner at David & Company and they have two daughters, ages 15 and 12.

Victoria College

Ralph Ainscsough, a retired road builder, recently moved back to Victoria after many years on the Mainland where he resided in Burnaby.

Mr. Justice John Graham Ruttan (VC) passed away at the age of 83 last September. He attended Victoria College, then graduated from UBC and took a law degree at Oxford. He played college rugby, was a Rhodes scholar, a naval veteran, actor and community leader and was appointed to the court at the age of 43. He was a member of Victoria College Council, and both the UVic Senate and Board of Governors. He received an honorary degree from UVic in 1978.

We Found Them!

Ever wonder what happened to those rabble-rousers who lead the marches, protests and sit-ins when you were a student? We did...and we found two of them. If there's a student leader from your era you'd like us to track down, drop us a note or email.

 Photo of Paul Williamson 1965

 Photo of Paul Williamson now

Paul was the first student leader at UVic to protest fee increases. He led a march through downtown Victoria in October 1965 to protest an increase from $428 to $478 or approximately nine per cent. As a result of this protest, the Board of Governors established the tuition assistance bursary fund which has assisted thousands of low income students.

After graduating from UVic, he obtained an MA from Carleton University in 1969 and an LLB from UBC in 1974. After many years practicing law, he was appointed to the bench where he is now formally titled The Honourable Mr. Justice Paul Williamson of the Supreme Court of British Columbia.*

 Photo of Susanne Klausen 1990

 Photo of Susanne Klausen now

Susanne ran for president to fight tuition increases. In her campaign she said that students can make a change, "after all, a university education is not a privilege, it's our right."

She was an active volunteer during her years at UVic: director of AIDS Vancouver Island, co-founder and activist member of the Victoria Pro-Choice Action Network and a Green Party candidate in the 1990 Victoria municipal election.

After graduating from UVic, she obtained an MA from Queen's University and was awarded the Carruthers Prize for the best MA thesis at Queen's. She is a doctoral candidate in the department of history at Queen's and is currently researching the history of the South African Eugenics Movement (1903 to 1940) in Pretoria, South Africa for her dissertation.*

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