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Feature: Breaking the Barriers: Women in Science & Engineering


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m.c. schraefel on the New Literacy

In this issue...

Life is constant change, some things just change faster than others. Women have emerged as leaders in many fields in which men once dominated, yet today in some of the so-called "hard sciences" offered at Canadian universities women only account for 10 per cent of enrolment.

For the cover feature, Victoria writer Marianne Scott spoke with four UVic women who share their stories about the key influences that led them to science and engineering, and what needs to be done to encourage more women to follow their lead.

This edition also has news about several remarkable alumni-from Wales to Utah to North Africa-who have taken their UVic experience and run with it.

The back page Vox Alumni column is penned by monica schraefel-the singer-songwriter with a UVic PhD in computer science and fine arts-who explores the challenges of the "new literacy."

You're invited to comment on the Torch. If you think there's something missing, or that there is someone that deserves to be profiled in these pages, let me know. Or if you care to comment on something you've read here, send a letter or an e-mail.

Enjoy the read.

Mike McNeney, editor


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