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Travels with the Chancellor

 UVic Chancellor Norma Mickelson, with hosts Gary and Consuela Corbett at the Seattle Branch reception attended by 36 alumni Sunday, April 26, 1998

by Dr. Norma Mickelson

What a pleasure it has been to visit with alumni across Canada and to renew ties over the past year! Nels Granewall of UVic Alumni Relations and I have had the privilege and pleasure of meeting with many old friends and making new ones. UVic is not only proud of its graduates but privileged to be associated with so many distinguished and accomplished individuals.

Last year we met alumni in Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa-where Victoria MP, and UVic alumnus, the Hon. David Anderson-hosted us at Parliament Hill. 1998 has been equally rewarding. In February we participated in a reception at the Calgary Convention Centre where Keith and Valerie Black helped us welcome new members. In Edmonton, James and Adriana Orr assisted us in meeting our guests at the Chateau Lacombe. In March we visited Kelowna where David and Kathy Lafontaine welcomed us and Dean Bruce Howe from the Faculty of Education.

Our visits have not been confined to Canada, however. In April we went to Seattle where Gary Corbett and his wife Consuela welcomed us and branch leader Brian Gidda to their beautiful hilltop home. We've also travelled to Courtenay where Miriam and John Lancaster arranged a reception (Miriam is a former Board of Governors member and has a very special interest in the University). And in May, Nels and I visited Prince George where we were privileged to see University of Northern BC Chancellor George Pedersen, former dean of education and vice-president, academic at UVic.

As your Chancellor, I can't tell you how much it has meant to renew ties with our graduates. If you missed these get-togethers or would like us to visit your community, please get in touch with Nels Granewall at Alumni Relations. We value each and every one of you and hope to meet you soon. We at UVic send you our very best wishes.

School of Child and Youth Care Anniversary

School of Child and Youth Care alumni have received information about the 25th Anniversary Celebration which takes place on Nov. 14th. If you have not already responded to the invitation please do so now as registration is limited to 300 people. We look forward to seeing you on this day of celebration. If you have any questions please call Kathy Harrison 721-6476.

On-Line Community: Built and Ready

by Don Jones

The on-line community, in the planning stages when featured in the last Torch, has now been launched.

"This is a unique service," says Don Jones, Director of Alumni Relations at UVic. "Dana Chamberlain, our project co-ordinator and her team (which includes Kevin Kee as programmer and Brent Scofield as graphic designer) have put together a service unlike any other. What sets it apart is its ability to link students, alumni and other members of the university community in one system, and its rich and interactive men-toring component"

One of the key elements of the new service is a mentoring and career advice component. Everyone in the community-senior students, recent graduates, interested professors, and others-has something to offer. On-line community members can be givers or receivers of advice.

Participants who choose "provide advice" (the traditional mentor role) are invited to develop a profile of themselves which they can update at any time. Receivers of advice (traditionally students and recent graduates) can search by various criteria, review and compare profiles. If they want the identity of the mentor, they first identify themselves in a message to that person. It's then up to the mentor to initiate direct contact.

Another service is a searchable alumni directory that will replace the current e-mail directory on the alumni web site. Alumni can now update, list, unlist, or delete their directory information at any time. Only bona fide members of the on-line community can access directory or mentor information.

UVic alumni can choose a permanent e-mail address: As long as they register a forwarding address, using a convenient on-line form, mail sent to them at their alumni address will be automatically forwarded. This feature will be offered to students in their final year so they can establish a permanent address with friends and colleagues before they leave campus.

The on-line community is now inviting members. "We see this as a real breakthrough in alumni relations", said Jones. "Connecting with today's students and recent graduates is one of the most rewarding things any of us can do. This vehicle makes it easy to get involved in a meaningful way."

The on-line community is at:

Affinity Products & Services

by Don Jones

The Alumni Association's Enterprises and Affinity Programs committee considers new products and services which are better in price or quality than members may be able to obtain on their own. Commissions and royalties provide revenue for Alumni Association scholarships, grants and programs. In April, the committee commissioned a survey and focus group resulting in several changes to the suppliers and programs we offer.

An extensive review of our credit card program was undertaken with proposals received from four banks, followed by presentations from each. Watch for the outcome in a mailing to alumni planned for January.

After reviewing proposals from several life insurance carriers, group insurance coverage was moved to Vancouver-based Seaboard Life Insurance Company. Seaboard's President and CEO is Robert T Smith, a UVic alumnus. With more than one billion dollars in assets, Seaboard is highly regarded on other campuses where its group insurance services are provided. Details of Seaboard's term life and critical illness coverage are on the inside back cover of this issue.

The entire university is now using BCTEL for basic and long distance calling services. Services for alumni are also contemplated in this alliance and details will come soon. (Customers who signed with ACC Telenterprises for long distance and Internet services during the past year can either continue with this company, or switch accounts to BCTEL.)

A request for proposals has gone to home and automobile insurance carriers, and another is being developed for extended health and dental insurance. Future plans may be developed with affinity partners in financial services, particularly in investments and registered educational savings programs. Alumni representing suppliers of these services are invited to submit proposals. Contact Don Jones, Director, Alumni Relations at 721-8963, or e-mail

To avoid numerous mailings from the large number of affinity partnerships, a pilot project to contact alumni by telephone from the alumni office will be tested this Spring. Callers will ask if there is interest in the products and services available. If the response is yes, they will obtain permission to have the affinity partner contact you directly. If you don't want to be contacted in this manner, call Alumni Relations at 721-6000; toll-free 1-800-808-6828; or e-mail

The majority of alumni surveyed in April were happy to participate in alumni affinity programs supporting students and delivering excellent value to alumni members.


Back row (left to right): Nels Granewall, Manager, Alumni Programs, (VC '59, BA '64); Meghan Gaudet, Treasurer (BA '95); Judy Marquette, Alumni Relations receptionist; Inez St. Dennis, Vice-President, Chair, Active Alumni & Social Events Committee (BEd '81, MA '82); Mark Bridge (LLB '86, BSc '89); Danny Foster (BA '86 [Hon], MA '88); Lynne Bain (BA '78); Don Jones, Director, Alumni Relations; Jack Rowe, VCCCAA Rep.(VC '46, BA '48, MPH '58).

Middle row: Marlene Bergstrom, Alumni Relations secretary; Betty Clazie, President (BEd '73 & MEd '77); Marion Small (VC '38, NS '40, BEd '64, MEd '86); Erik Gotfredsen, Chair, Branches & Affiliated Groups Committee (BComm '95).

Front row: Derek Graham, Chair, Nominating Committee (BA '82); Anne McLaughlin, Chair, Grants Scholarships & Awards Committee (VC '48, BCom '53, MS '71); Gerald Poulton, Faculty Association Rep.(BA '63, Phd '67); Rosemary Williams, Secretary (BSN '78); Fancy Ching, Chair, Alumni Enterprises & Affinity Programs Committee (BA '86); Bonnie Hallett, Chair, Torch Advisory Committee (MPA '88).

Not pictured: Larry Cross (VC '59, BEd '64); Mimi Donald, Chair, History Archives and Tracing Committee (BA '70); Tim Henderson, Vice-President, Chair, Publications & Communications Committee (BA '88); Bob Hutchison, Honorary President (VC '49, LLB '56, BA '93); Jaclyn Staples, Student Ambassador Rep.


1999 Excellence in Teaching

Alumni, students and staff are invited to nominate current faculty members, sessional lecturers or senior laboratory instructors who have taught at UVic for at least 3 years, for this prestigious award. Up to three awards will be presented in any areas of study at UVic. Nominations must be received on or before November 30, 1998.

1999 Distinguished Alumni

Here is a wonderful opportunity to honour a fellow alumna or alumnus. Up to three awards may be granted to general alumni members as defined by the by-laws of the Association and who have demonstrated distinction in one of the following areas:

1) Academic Achievement;
2) Athletic Achievement;
3) Fine Arts;
4) Business, Industry or Profession;
5) Service to the Community,
Volunteer Agencies & Charities;
6) Public Service.

Those chosen will be alumni whose reputation, achievements or future potential will bring honour and prestige to the Alumni Association and UVic.

Nominations must be received by December 18, 1998.

Nomination packages are available at: UVic Alumni Office
University House One
(corner of Haro & Sinclair Roads)
P.O. Box 3060
Victoria B.C. V8W 3R4

For more information please contact

Marlene Bergstrom at:, 721-6012 or 1-800-808-6828,

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