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Faculty of Arts & Science

Alan Budd (BA '71) lives in Edmonton and spends his summers pack-riding through the Canadian Rockies "the cowboy way...sleeping on the ground and cooking over an open fire." The rest of the time, he trains instructors at the Edmonton Air Traffic Control School/Air Operations Centre and provides academic counselling for students at NAV Canada.

Dr. Alice Cassidy (BSc '83) lives in Vancouver and works as a professional biologist and consultant in wildlife biology, science education and professional development at UBC and privately.

Susan P. Hutchinson (BA '76) is in her final term of a Master of Divinity degree at Trinity College, University of Toronto. Upon graduation, she hopes to be ordained to holy orders in the Anglican Church of Canada.

Robert A. Kleemaier (BA '91) is in his second year of courses at the Maastricht School of Translation and Interpreting in the Netherlands, majoring in English-Dutch/Dutch-English translation.

Stephen Stamp (BFA '93) is the new head coach of the Deep Cove Rowing Centre in North Vancouver. He "didn't particularly relish leaving Victoria, but it is an awfully good opportunity." Plans to attend the National Coaching Institute will bring him back to Victoria on occasion.

R. Paola Lake (BA '94) has received her MA from the University of Saskatchewan and is working on the second year of her PhD. She can be reached via e-mail at: <>.

Claire Lessard (BA '89) has been teaching at the Language Institute at the University of Inchon in Korea since September of last year. Her travels have included visits to Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Brunei, Singapore, Nepal and India.

W Paul Loofs (DipALing '96) is busy with volunteer work in Victoria and abroad. He earned an MA and PhD in Adult Education by distance from Pacific Western University of Los Angeles and Honolulu, 50 years after graduating from high school. His daughter Karen Loofs (BFA '96) is teaching ESL in Ottawa after a stint in Japan.

Adriana R. Morariu Orr (BA '94) is living with her husband in Edmonton and can be contacted at #308-10405 Saskatchewan Drive, Edmonton, T6E 4R9.

Margaret Ralston (BSc '96) moved to Windsor, Ontario in 1997 with her husband and son. She has started the doctoral program in clinical neuropsychology at the University of Windsor. She's also working as a teaching and research assistant.

John Tooke (BSc '91) and Nancy Anslow-Tooke (BA '92) are raising two young sons in Creston, B.C. John is an RCMP member and Nancy is a child and youth care worker with the school district and a community service agency.

John Underhill (BA '85) entered the Canadian navy after graduation and spent six years in various officer positions aboard two Halifax-based destroyers. In January of this year he started a new job with the Nova Scotia Department of Justice as one of two lawyers advising and appearing in court with child protection workers. John's brother Paul Underhill (BA '94) is working his way through UVic's law school.

Monique van Hoek (BSc '90) completed her PhD at the University of Virginia in August, 1997. Her graduate work was in the department of microbiology and focused on cancer research and cell biology. Monique and her husband Dr. Alex Tabarrok (BA '89) are living in Indiana where Alex is an assistant professor of economics at Ball State University. They would love to hear from friends at <>.

Carol Wong (BA '97) works as a writer/editor in the corporate communications and public affairs division of BC Hydro. Her e-mail is <>.

Lynn Woods (BA '93) has been confirmed as the new manager of the Canadian Education Centre in Sao Paulo. "Although it means leaving the foreign service, I will get to stay in Brazil and take advantage of what will no doubt be a challenging, exciting and rewarding professional opportunity. Of course it also means that I can stay on as the UVic alumni contact in Brazil."

Faculty of Business

Richard Sherback (MBA '94) and Janet Henderson (BA '88) were married August 9, 1997 in Edmonton. Janet is working in the fragrance and flavour industry while working on a master's degree in perfumery science from Plymouth University, England. Richard is enjoying his career as vice-president of sales and marketing for a North American-based computer software company. They've received landed immigrant status for Australia, enabling them to live and work "down-under."

Faculty of Education

Clive and Laurie Betts (both BEd '95) are in Dawson City, Yukon where Clive is teaching special education and Laurie is teaching kindergarten.

Jenny Leary (MEd '83) is busy introducing access to the internet through the TV set­without a personal computer. She left her role as teacher and principal in the public school system to become a senior consultant trainer with Futurenet Canada. She is building an organization of distributors who are "quietly revolutionizing the use of the TV set in living rooms across the country." She can be reached at <>.

Faculty of Engineering

Brad Hughes (BSc Eng. '90) spent eight years in Nanaimo, where he married Kristen (nee Gougeon, daughter of former UVic Education faculty member Bob Gougeon) and worked in the local municipal information systems department. They are now back in Victoria, with Brad working as a computer analyst with LGS Group.

Faculty of Fine Arts

Kerry Krich-Weisbrodt (BFA '82) is the owner and director of Kidco Dance School in Victoria.



To Adolf and Julie Jaeger (nee Pinkiewicz) (BSW '93) from Justin Ball (BA '95): Julie: Glad to see you in the Torch (Autumn '97). Haven't heard from you since '91 or '92. Now living in the UK (call collect: 44-1992 479259).

I am looking for former UVic student Sonja Bingham. She can reach me, Patricia Vanier, at (905) 848-8438.

Branch Profile: Toronto

by Michael J.S. Wynne (BA '87)

Long-time Torch readers will recall the lament of 1972-73 Martlet editor Derry MacDonnell who wrote, tongue-in-cheek, about the difficulties of establishing an alumni branch in Toronto in the Autumn '87 edition of The Torch:

Canada's financial heartland was badly shaken recently when members of a previously defunct B.C. organization took over part of Bay Street. The group claimed to be the Toronto Branch of the UVic Alumni Association, an organization that has been inactive here for five years. Twenty-three members of the revived cell occupied two rooms in the Metro Toronto Board of Trade building for more than three hours, consuming large quantities of food stuffs and fluids commandeered from a nearby catering facility normally reserved for visiting tycoons. Group spokesman Dave Bassett said the occupation was a protest against a lack of communication and support among the estimated 400 graduates of the University of Victoria now forced to live in exile in Toronto.

Times have changed and a busy Toronto Branch Executive of Tanya Hostler, Brigitte Torok, Mike Wynne, Christine Duff, and Andrew Gibbs has held three successful events during the past year. Last spring, the branch organized a reception for Mayor Barbara Hall, winner of the Distinguished Alumni Award for 1997. In September, the branch welcomed Chancellor Norma Mickelson to a reception and reading by alumnus Michiel Horn from his latest book, Becoming Canadian." And a "BC Evening" at the end of January, organized by Mike Wynne, was a tremendous success.

The British Columbia theme and an excellent guest speaker attracted more than 30 UVic alumni. We also welcomed some alumni from SFU and UBC. Okanagan Vineyards offered tastings of their recently launched five new wines and the response was very positive to the two reds and the Chardonnay. Also helping to sponsor the evening was Kokanee Beer. While everyone enjoyed delicious "West Coast" hors d'oeuvres of B.C. smoked salmon, sushi, and shrimp rolls, new friendships were ignited and memories of our B.C. university days were recalled.

Following cocktails, we were treated to an insightful presentation on "What Lies Ahead" by our guest speaker, Dr. Michael Graham. The Asian crisis and its likely effect on North American markets was explained by Dr. Graham, a Senior Vice-President of Midland Walwyn Capital Inc. in Toronto. We presented Dr. Graham with a copy of Dr. Peter Smith's book A Multitude of the Wise: UVic Remembered as a token of our appreciation.

The branch committee is very encouraged by the event's success. We plan to organize other alumni functions in the Toronto area and if anyone is interested in helping on the committee we would welcome additional members. The SFU and UBC contingent is interested in an event for alumni of all three universities, such as a summer lake cruise­so that's in the works. Thanks to all the alumni who turned out for the last function. We look forward to seeing you in the future.

New Social Work alumni group

UVic's School of Social Work wants to offer its graduates support as they perform their duties under difficult circumstances and increasing public scrutiny. The school is forming its own alumni association and is looking for help tracking down grads.

"We had a 20-year reunion in 1996 and it was tons of fun, lots of people came and they began talking about forming an alumni association," says the school's director Prof. Barb Whittington. "I thought that I would like to do that before I leave as director."

Social work grad and current human and social development multi-disciplinary program master's student Susan Noakes (BSW '90) is working with a committee of faculty and staff members to organize the association.

"We want to support our alumni. They're in the public eye and we want to let them know we're around to give them support and help them with mentorship," says Noakes. "We also want to seek their advice in curriculum development and their assistance as practicum supervisors."

The school has about 1,200 graduates. More information about the alumni association is available from the school's administrative officer, Diana Ellis, at (250)721-8034 or by email

UVic Alumni at Sea

by Lt.(N) J.K. Wilson

Two UVic alumni are at the helm of one of Canada's newest navy vessels on the B.C. coast. Doug Bancroft (BSc '81) is the Commanding Officer of HMCS Yellowknife and John Wilson (BA '92) is the ship's Navigator. Bancroft, a Lieutenant-Commander in the Canadian Naval Reserve, is on a leave of absence from his job as a scientist with Environment Canada and Wilson has been on full-time employment with the Naval Reserve since graduating from UVic.

"We've got the most reliable ship in its class to date and the keenest crew, which means I've got the best job in the Navy," says Bancroft.

The 55-metre vessel conducts sovereignty and surveillance patrols, mechanical mine sweeping, mine hunting, training, and search and rescue operations.

The ship will spend considerable time conducting training and supporting other government departments such as the Department of Fisheries and the RCMP.

Part of Wilson's duties as navigator include obtaining meteorological information. Wilson credits his interest and ability in navigation and meteorology to his undergraduate minor in geography. With a professional meteorologist for a captain, he continues to gain knowledge in the indiosyncracies of weather forecasting.

Waiting when they return from sea are Bancroft's wife Eileen (BSc 80) and Wilson's wife Donelly (BSN 97).

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