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Alumni Association Excellence in Teaching Awards

The Alumni Association is pleased to add three professors to its list of Excellence in Teaching award recipients. Law professor Jamie Cassels, Geography professor Dr. Philip Dearden and Dr. Alison Preece of the Faculty of Education were selected for their commitment to teaching.

Cassels has an outstanding record of teaching and commitment to student learning within the Faculty of Law where he has twice been awarded the Master Teacher Award by students.

The energy and enthusiasm that he brings are reflected in his own comments about his teaching. "Students tell me that I convey enthusiasm. This is easy because I enjoy what I do, I like my students. They are usually intellectually curious, motivated to learn, hard working and people of good will." A distinguished colleague observes: "[Cassels] brings to his teaching an erudition and breadth of vision which is quite breathtaking."

Aside from his excellent teaching skills, Cassels has shaped a positive climate for teaching and learning across campus by offering teaching development workshops, and through his service on the Equal Rights and Opportunities Committee.

Dr. Dearden's reputation as an outstanding geography teacher is such that many undergraduate students select their area of major study based on their early contact with him.

"A stimulating, inspiring and influential professor who creates an environment conducive to critical thinking and creativity," says one colleague. His influence on learning extends beyond the classroom through his organization of numerous field trips in which, in the words of a colleague, he pushes students "to challenge themselves both mentally and physically...[and] to see with open eyes, to learn to combine clues to provide answers."

Dr. Preece is a teacher held in high regard by Faculty of Education undergraduate and graduate students as well as by her colleagues who point to her energy, enthusiasm, and careful preparation. One graduate student observes: "[Her] enjoyment in the teaching and learning process nurtures the enjoyment of learning in her students" while another comments on her unique ability to make students passionate about learning.

Her contributions to continuing professional education for teachers in Victoria and beyond is also cited. For example, a colleague is laudatory in her assessment of Preece's contributions to a highly successful series of Summer Language Institutes.

Excellence in Teaching Award winners are chosen annually by a selection committee of students, faculty and alumni.

1998 Distinguished Alumni

For six years, the Alumni Association has sponsored annual Distinguished Alumni Awards recognizing the outstandingachievements of UVic alumni. The 1998 winners are:



(Victoria College '57, Honorary Doctorate in Fine Arts '95)


An artist who works with textiles and mixed media, Carole Sabiston's creations have been featured in major art galleries, museums and universities across Canada. She designed a giant sunburst for the EXPO '86 opening ceremony in Vancouver. Her Commonwealth Cape of Many Hands was a feature of the closing ceremonies of the Victoria Commonwealth Games in 1994, and will be presented to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia when that city hosts the 1998 Commonwealth Games. Ms. Sabiston is a recipient of the Saidye Bronfman Award, the highest honour in applied arts design in Canada. She resides in Victoria.



(BSc Geo '72)


Devoting his life to wilderness preservation in British Columbia, Ric Careless launched the Victoria chapter of the Sierra Club and made preservation of the Nitinat Triangle and the Schoen Valley on Vancouver Island his first environmental causes. Through effective lobbying techniques that feature mediation and consensus building, Careless has helped preserve ten major areas including the two million-acre Spatsizi Plateau, and the Tatshenshini, the largest international park in the world. Careless is a recipient of the Order of British Columbia and he has been honoured for his work by Equinox Magazine and by American Rivers. He currently lives in Gibsons.



(BA Mathematics '67)

Executive Vice-President, Canadian Pacific Ltd.

Ronald Gamey has made significant and impressive contributions to Canadian Pacific Ltd., the Canadian transportation industry, many charitable organizations, and to the University of Victoria. Based in Calgary, he serves on nine corporate boards and volunteers his services to the Canadian Pacific Charitable Foundation. His efforts led to a $300,000 gift to UVic's Centre for Innovative Teaching. He also helped the UVic Challenge Campaign raise in excess of$40 million toward university projects and priorities.

Nursing Website

The Canadian Health Education and Research Foundation (CHEAR) supports the appropriate application of many complementary and alternative health care therapies. In collaboration with the School of Health Information Science (HEIS), the foundation has established a new consumer-oriented web site.

HEIS Graduate Student David Bigsby (BA '91)-working with CHEAR Executive Director Karen Ledger (BSN '78)-has created The Consumer's Guide to Complementary/Alternative Health Care, Practitioners & Services in YOUR Community (

The website provides a brief description of a wide range of therapies, and a directory of local practitioners offering them, in order to facilitate the knowledgeable use of these resources. At present, the directory only covers Greater Victoria; practitioners wishing to list on the site should provide information about their training, professional affiliations, fees, licensure, and years in practice.

If you are interested in organizing a database in your community, please contact Karen Ledger, Executive Director of CHEAR, Box 5263, Victoria, BC V8R 6N4, tel: (250) 383-9377, or e-mail <>.


Congratulations to the winners of the book giveaway in the last edition of The Torch. Linda Hall of Kamloops, Lesley Hall of Regina, and Katy Hughes from Victoria won signed copies of Richard Van Camp's novel The Lesser Blessed. Their names were drawn from nearly 100 entries.

Career Prospects:
Job Search Help Available

Many UVic graduates are returning to campus to take advantage of a unique new program designed to help them hone their career search skills.

Alumni Career Prospects combines career counselling, employment advising, labour market information, career search strategies and an internship component.

"In the current economy, recent graduates often have difficulty getting their careers started," says UVic Student Employment Centre Manager Jennifer Margison. "Alumni Career Propects is designed to address this and has been very successful in helping UVic alumni identify career possibilities and obtain interesting, rewarding employment."

The program is funded by the federal government. Interested alumni should contact Deborah Convery at (250) 472-4286 or Ian Robertson at (250) 721-6364 to find out more.

On-line Community

New Tool for Success

The Internet is a way to find out who's doing what, what's happening and where. Information and connections between people have long been contributors to individual success; the Internet provides greater and easier access to both. To take further advantage of that potential, UVic Alumni Relations, Counselling Services, Student Employment, and Student Alumni are building an On-line Community to benefit UVic alumni, students, faculty and staff.

Alumni Directory

Over 900 UVic alumni are currently listed in an on-line Alumni E-mail Directory. Take at look at The new On-line Community will replace this directory with more features such as keyword searchability, opportunity to list personal and professional interests, and other information. And once you register and choose a password, your information can be changed by you at any time.E-mail Forwarding

When UVic graduates leave Victoria to embark on careers, success and growth often translate into changes in work and/or home environments. The On-line Community will let alumni choose a permanent e-mail address to which contacts may write. When you move, you simply provide your new resident e-mail address to Alumni Relations and all your mail will be automatically forwarded to your new address.

Mentoring & Info Exchange

One of the most exciting aspects of the new On-line Community will be its capacity to connect alumni, students, faculty and staff in common interests. Perhaps you would like to find someone who shares common professional interests, hobbies, or family lifestyles. They don't have to be nearby. With the Internet, you can exchange information with someone living almost anywhere in the world. Mentoring has re-emerged as a powerful way of helping people reach their goals and reaffirm their current successes. Maybe you'd like to know a detail about a work environment. Perhaps you would like to know how suitable a career is for different people. Or, you may want to share what you have learned with someone who could benefit from your experience. All can be possible through on-line mentoring.

Students have sought anonymous, quantitative information to assist their career planning. Statistics-on degrees held by UVic alumni, what they're doing with their degrees, their rates of job satisfaction, the relatedness of their degrees to their current occupations, income levels-will also be featured on the On-line Community

Designing it For You

UVic's On-line Community, Mentoring and Information Exchange is currently being developed. We hope to have it ready this September. To provide components that are most valuable to you, we need to know what they are, so an on-line survey has been provided at Please visit this site and help us design a program tailored to your needs and wishes. If you are listed in the current Alumni E-mail Directory, you may have already been invited to fill out the survey. In fact, joining the E-mail Directory is a perfect way to make sure you are among the first to be invited to join the new On-line Community. You can also call the Alumni Relations office at 721-6000, 1-800-808-6328, or e-mail for more information or to provide comments.

Dana Chamberlain, Project Coordinator, Alumni Relations

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