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We're All Ears

The year 2003 will be significant to the University of Victoria because it will mark 100 years of post-secondary education in this serene city. In 1903, Victoria College opened its doors, offering high school graduates the opportunity of an advanced education without having to leave for colder eastern climes. It was the first school of its kind in British Columbia outside of Vancouver and signified another important step in Victoria's swell to modernity. The Alumni Association is proud to proclaim that Victoria College's legacy is the University of Victoria.

2003 is also significant to the Alumni Association because it is our target year for a five year strategic plan. We asked ourselves where we wanted to be in five years with respect to key endeavors. The discussion proved to be arduous but in the end we identified five areas to concentrate our energies: communication; university governance; identification of active alumni; branches, student and young alumni; and the development of revenue sources.

A significant decision during our strategic planning was our agreement to identify those of our alumni who have a close relationship with the University and wish to contribute something of themselves to it. This is not referring to pledges of financial support but rather the volunteering of time, opinions and ideas for the betterment of the Alumni Association and the University. The Association wishes to develop a much closer relationship with those alumni who really care about the University. We want to hear from you.

With the planned 100 year celebration of Victoria College's origin only five years away, it may be that you will wish to participate in the planned homecoming event. Or you may want to become involved with the Association's new mentoring and networking program. There are many other ways in which volunteer assistance can be utilized and I urge all alumni who wish to get involved to contact the Alumni Relations office or any member of the Board of Directors. We are committed to listening and accommodating your ideas and whatever else you feel you can offer.

Derek Graham (BA '82)
UVic Alumni Association

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