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Lisa Almond (BComm '96) and Dean Chan (BComm '97) are living in Ottawa where Lisa is with the Canadian Foreign Service, Department of Foreign Affairs and Dean is an account manager with the HongKong Bank of Canada.


Bryn Barker (BEd '86) is a teacher at Esquimalt Secondary School. E-mail:

Alastair David H. Bennett (MEd '78), after 27 years as an educator and school-based administrator, travelled with his wife Vicki to Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland this past September. David also met with other education professionals regarding proactive interventions dealing with violence and bullying, an area of particular interest.

Saverio Colantonio (BEd '79) is a teacher in Victoria. E-mail:

Don Grant (BEd '83) is assistant principal at Marion M. Graham Collegiate in Saskatoon. He recently completed his PhD at the University of Alberta. Don and Martha have four children and continue to enjoy life in Saskatoon.

Joan Mitchell (MEd '85) is the chair of the biology department at Camosun College. She can be reached at

Gary Mols (Cert. Ed. '77) is teaching school in Sooke. He can be reached at

Dale Morrison (BEd '81) is now operating a Decorating Den business in Victoria. She is also contributing to "Network Nuggets"-a daily education Web resource for educational communities around the world ( or directly at

Linda (MacDonald) Rooker (BEd '76) is a teacher and professional photographer in Port Alberni. E-mail:


Jan Lars Jensen (BA '93, Writing) has sold his first novel, Shiva 3000, to Harcourt Brace, New York. It is being published in hardcover this spring. Among his other recent fiction publications and sales is a short story that won first prize in a contest sponsored by Prairie Fire magazine. Jan lives in Chilliwack with wife Michelle.

Katherine Duncan (BA '81, Music) has, since the fall of '97, been the host of CBC Radio 2's national program about orchestras "Symphony Hall." It's heard Sunday mornings across the country from 10:05 to noon. She also covers the regional arts scene in her home-base of Calgary. After leaving UVic, Katherine completed her master of music degree at the University of Toronto and has held a variety of jobs including country music DJ, arts administrator, and host of CBC radio's "That Time of the Night" from 1994-96.

Ian Indridson (BA '90, Writing) continues to put a decade of advertising, corporate writing and editing to work for Victoria clients, and is working on a non-fiction book.

Joanne Marjorie Wong (BFA '75, Dipl. Sec. Ed. '76) is a school teacher in Victoria. E-mail:


Peter Hilton (MPA '96) is director of international relations at the Jonkoping International Business School in Jonkoping, Sweden.


Mark Bennett (BA '77, English) is teaching in Victoria. E-mail

Dan Epp (BA '88, History) is in Edmonton where he's area manager for Radio Shack. Wife Rhonda gave birth to twin boys Aug. 11, 1998.

Jamie Hutchison (BA '98, Pacific and Asian Studies) is a JET English teacher in a small fishing village in northern Japan known for its sea urchins. He's staying until 2000. E-mail:

Janice Vogel (BA '89, Pacific Studies) has been in Germany for over three years where she and her husband operate a watch company and recently welcomed baby Lorenz.

Janet Lavallée Langston (BA '77) is teaching in the Victoria school district.

Viva Moodley (BA '88, Philosophy) is employed as a teacher with the Greater Victoria School District.

A small group of Pacific and Asian Studies students and grads got together last Thanksgiving to honour the memory of Dr. Louise May (1950-1998), former sessional lecturer. Included in the "mini-reunion" were Clarie Bilbrough, Dave Marshall (BA '87), Doug Thompson (BA '89, MA '91) and Jacqui Thompson (BA '87, English), Marilu Casana Marshall (BA '88), Catherine Price (BA '89), Noelle Hinrichs (BA '88), Mark Herringer (BA '87), Dawn-Lee Ricard (BA '89), Claudia Myerman (BA '89), and Dr. James Boutilier, former sessional instructor.

Stephanie (Heslop) Rendle (BA '92, English; Dipl. Applied Linguistics, '93) and Andy Rendle (BA '94, Political Science) are importers and mining consultants in Victoria. They were married in December. E-mail:

Paul A. Stevenson (BA '89, History) works as a teacher/counsellor in Victoria.

Jillian Zaruk (BA '78, History) has been teaching at Victoria High School for five years now. Son Peter is starting an apprenticeship in Quesnel and daughter Alexandra is studying at Camosun College.


Karl Maier (LLB '97) is a solicitor at RBS Lawyers in Vancouver, focusing on estate planning and corporate-commercial law. He's become a familiar face on the Westcoast Express commute since he and wife Maureen moved to Coquitlam. He continues to be interested in environmental and alternative transportation issues.


Sister Elizabeth Poilievre (BSc '69) is living in Kitimat where she is principal of St. Anthony's School.


Debbie Durrance (BA '98, Geography) won second prize and $500 in the undergraduate category of the 1998 Canadian Transportation Research Forum student paper competition for her entry, "Multi-dimensional Aspects of Telecommuting."

Teri (Woodrow) Kerr (BA '96, Geography) and Jeff Kerr (BA '96, Geography) were married Sept. 5, 1998 in Courtenay. "It was fabulous!"

Suzanne Loong (BA '81, Psychology and Sociology) is managing the university placement department at Inti College in Malaysia. She would love to hear from old friends. E-mail:

Jacqueline Pruner (BA '98, Political Science) has been awarded the Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Award for community service, fitness, skill development, and outdoor expedition participation. The award includes a $500 bursary and a gold pin, which was presented to Jacqueline by HRH Prince Edward, March 10 in Vancouver. She's working as a economic development coordinator for the Village of Masset, Queen Charlotte Islands and plans to enter law school this fall.


Jennifer Veitch (PhD '92, Psychology) married John Donkin on May 23, 1998 at All Saints' Anglican Church in Ottawa. Jennifer is a research officer at the National Research Council and John is an architect in the national capital. Friends can reach them by e-mail at


Elvira C. Bryant (VC '31, Normal School '33) is a writer, musician, artist and composer living in Victoria. She's working on a book about teaching high school in Masset.

James Oldfield (VC '37) is professor emeritus of animal nutrition at Oregon State University. Last year he won the Klaus Schwarz Medal from the US-based Biological Trace Element Research organization. Oldfield, born in Victoria, is one of the leading pioneers in the study and eradication of white muscle disease.

Walter Ovenden Jr. (VC '62) is retired from the Royal Canadian Navy and Alberta Vocational College. He's living now in Courtenay.


The Victoria Provincial Normal School class of 1949-50 is planning its 50th reunion, to be held for two days in May or June 2000. Contact Elaine (Maynard) Wilson at (403) 243-7581 or Bill McLeod at (250) 567-2787.


The complete list ofWorld Wide Branch contactsis available on the Web at:

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