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1999 Excellence in Teaching Awards




Professor Juliana Saxton
Dr. Gerry Poulton
Dr. A. R. "Elango" Elangovan (Business)

Here are three of UVic's best-a trio of professors who, on the recommendation of peers, students and alumni, have earned the alumni association's 1999 Excellence in Teaching Awards. They possess unique qualities that ignite students' passion for learning and draw the respect of colleagues. They are shining examples of excellence in teaching.

Professor Juliana Saxton (Theatre)

"There are times when I observe her teach that I am absolutely awestruck, moved by the power, compassion, wisdom, and clarity she brings to her work," says one of Juliana Saxton's students. The theatre and drama instructor and professor emeritus sees theatre, with its power to make us think and feel, as the perfect metaphor for teaching and learning. "I would like my students to leave the studio with a change in their understanding of themselves, their world and the world at large, and a sense that they are capable of doing, rather than being done to."

Dr. Gerry Poulton (Chemistry)

Gerry Poulton, an associate professor of chemistry at UVic since 1979, approaches teaching in a way that interests and challenges students, but also emphasizes the relevance of the studies to the modern world.

"I am enthusiastic about my discipline, and am not afraid of letting my students know this!" His enthusiasm is infectious. "The specifics of what he taught me are long gone, but the memory that lasts is of a teacher who cared for the academic and personal needs of his pupils. He wanted us to do well," wrote one former student.

Dr. A. R. "Elango" Elangovan (Business)

"I strive to get the students curious, interested and excited about the subjects, topics and ideas we cover...planting the seeds of self-induced life-long learning in them," says Elango. His enthusiasm and support of students are cited throughout the letters from nominators, as is his ability to develop courses and to encourage other faculty members to become better teachers. Others point to his ability to tie current issues to study topics, along with his accessibility. Said one former student: "[Elango] is the most respected and genuine professor I have ever had."


UVic Faculty of Education
The Distinguished Education Alumni Awards

The Distinguished Education Alumni Awards were established in 1997 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the MacLaurin Building-home of the Faculty of Education-and to recognize UVic Education alumni (undergraduate or graduate programs) who have distinguished themselves as educators in British Columbia.

Three winners are selected each year by a committee of alumni and faculty. Recipients receive a scroll and their photographs are mounted in the MacLaurin Building. Also, three scholarships in their names are awarded annually to current students deemed to have best served the goals of education during the preceding year.

Past Distinguished Education Alumni award winners are: Tarrance Don Grieve, Helen E. Bandy and Trevor Calkins (1998); Norma Mickelson, Sam Lim, and Alison Preece (1997).

For details on last year's recipients, visit: and go to "Faculty & Alumni News."

Nominations-including a letter and a brief profile of the nominee-should be sent by August 31 to the Office of the Dean of Education, University of Victoria, PO Box 310 STN CSC, Victoria, BC, V8W 3N4.

Awards will be presented October 21 at a special evening reception for scholarship and bursary award winners.

Nominators are not limited to alumni. Other individuals are also encouraged to participate in the nomination process.

For more information, please contact the Dean of Education's Office: (250) 721-7757 or

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