Spring 2003,
Volume 24, Number 1

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Uvic Author Collage Adrienne Mercer (BA ’94) Aislinn Hunter (BFA ’96) Marilyn Bowering (BA ’71, MA ’73) Billeh Nickerson (BFA ’98) Tamas Dobozy (BA ’91) Gail Anderson-Dargatz (BFA ’99) Gail Boulanger (MA ’88) Eric Damer (BA ’89) IMark Anthony Jarman (BA ’80) From the Baltic to Russian America 1829-1836 Alaska History No.51 Domicide: The Global Destruction of Home (McGill-Queen’s)
New Tilles From Alums  
Kids Books
Adrienne Mercer (BA ’94)
Rebound (Lorimer). When a basketball player, 13, suddenly develops arthritis she refuses to accept her condition and instead tries to hide the pain from her teachers, coach and team-mates. A fictional Vikes basketball player acts as a mentor to the girl.


Gail Anderson-Dargatz
(BFA ’99)
A Rhinestone Button (Knopf Canada). After Job Sunstrum, a shy Alberta farmer who sees sound in colour, gives in to the rantings of a Pentecostal preacher he begins to wonder about his chances for earthly love.

Tamas Dobozy (BA ’91)
When X Equals Marylou (Arsenal Pulp). A collected scattering of perceptions, populated by balding men, enriched by doppelgangers and bibliophiles in towns big and small, nations near and far.

Aislinn Hunter (BFA ’96)
Stay (Polestar). A love story, set in contemporary Ireland, that revolves around the author’s concept of family history and the way “the decisions, the ideals and the tragedies” of the past mire us in “the muck of our history.”

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Non Fiction

Gail Boulanger (MA ’88)
Life Goes On (Notch Hill). Viewing grieving as a necessary and natural process, the book helps readers identify loss, work through pain, bring closure to the past and reconnect with life.

Eric Damer (BA ’89)
Discovery by Design (Ronsdale). The origins and history of the UBC mechanical engineering program from 1907 to 2001, in the context of B.C.’s industrial development and the rise of the engineering profession.

Mark Anthony Jarman (BA ’80)
Ireland’s Eye (Anansi). A memoir of travels, filled with antics and unreliable family histories, through modern Ireland in search of the circumstances surrounding a grandfather’s death in 1922.

Billeh Nickerson (BFA ’98)
Let Me Kiss it Better (Arsenal Pulp). Essays—wry, sweet, outrageous—surveying contemporary gay life. Sex, relationships, and what it’s like to be the token gay at a house party are part of these “elixirs for the not so straight and narrow.”

Alix O’Grady (BA ’78)
From the Baltic to Russian America 1829-1836 Alaska History No.51 (Limestone Press). A chronicle of the life and experiences of a governor’s wife, Elisabeth von Wrangell, with references to the HBC and Canada’s Pacific Northwest.

J. Douglas Porteous and Sandra E. Smith (PhD ’96)
Domicide: The Global Destruction of Home (McGill-Queen’s). How the planned destruction of homes affects millions worldwide. Using B.C.-based case studies, the authors propose ways to address loss and mitigation. As a last resort, they urge resistance against unacceptable projects.

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Marilyn Bowering (BA ’71, MA ’73)
The Alchemy of Happiness (Beach Holme). Mix equal portions of personalities, times, places and experiences. Tinge with love and death. Age well. Yield: happiness.

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