Spring 2003,
Volume 24, Number 1

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Chinese Art Collage
Chinese Influence  
The objects here are part of the 75-piece “China and Beyond:The Legacy of a Culture” educational exhibit continuing until December 24 at the Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery and co-ordinated by History in Art Professor Kathlyn Liscomb. The materials, dating to the 10th century, show the extent Chinese culture has influenced other cultures, in Canada and around the globe.

The 18th-century cloisonné plaque (top) belonging to the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria depicts dragon boat races. The widely popular events originated with a Chinese religious festival to honour the memory of an ancient poet and government official who was unjustly exiled.

The early 19th-century woodblock-printed book (bottom left) from the Maltwood collection was designed by the Japanese artist Bumpo– as a teaching manual for Chinese painting. The use of printed colour for painting manuals was a Chinese concept and the picture here is one of several inspired by Chinese poetry.

Chinese influence isn’t obvious in the 18th-century English Goat and Bee cream jug (centre left) from the Vancouver Museum, but it is made of soft-paste porcelain—which was an important step to producing true porcelain comparable to that made by the Chinese for centuries. The pitcher is a hybrid of English silver traditions and Chinese blanc de Chine porcelains, popular imports of the time.

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